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Team Sirius wishes very much strength to all those who fight in her or his way against the Covid-19 virus and its consequences.

from left to right: Annelies, Marco, Martina, Jonien, Charlotte, Leo

The Sirius Effect
What makes Sirius different? There are many companies acting as middlemen for sustainable cleaning chemicals. Like Sirius, some of them might even offer REACH registration services and supply chain management as well. But Sirius is different, not for its size or the range of the services we offer, but because of the people behind it.

Usually we use this newsletter to announce a new product, or delve into a problem that needs solving.  But this time, we’d like to take a moment to introduce the team that makes Sirius, well, Sirius. Because without them, the company would not be what you know it to be.

Annelies, Martina and Charlotte
Is there anything that is not handled by these three? If you’ve contacted Sirius in the past with a problem or a question, odds are it was solved by one of these ladies. Between them, they handle everything from purchasing, delivery, product registration and certifications, risk analysis. And more; they are the ones who want to know the customers so well that they can anticipate their orders and correct mistakes before they can become problems.  “We’re the glue between everyone,” as they put it.

Annelies has been with Sirius for 11 years. Martina has been with Sirius for more than 4 years, and Charlotte started in 2019. Because the team is small, there is no singular job description for any of them.  Annelies supervises a lot of the RSPO certification, while Martina manages most of the risks (SWOT analysis) of the ISO 9001:2015 certifications. Charlotte adds experience with enhanced automated order processing. But they all take the extra step to help customers and producers think ahead, plan ahead, and anticipate what the markets will bring. It may be a small team, but together they’ve propelled Sirius to the forefront of sustainable and eco-friendly chemical products.

Marco’s formal title is Senior Commercial Manager, but really, he’s a connections guy.  You will see him at conferences and network meetings, as secretary of the SEPAWA Benelux Board – and if you talk with him, he might lead you to a solution for a problem you never knew you had. This is how Sirius ended up dipping its toes into feed and coatings.

Ten years of experience as a purchaser prior to joining Sirius has given him an appreciation for the personal side of business, but the business is still coming up with ways to surprise him. As he started in 2018, he is still relatively new, but he’s already become an indispensable member of the team.

Jonien handles finance and administration. She started at Sirius in 2012, initially helping Annelies, and eventually growing into her current role managing and analyzing the financial spreadsheets.  Organized, meticulous, and careful, she works out the reason behind the trends. And she controls costs for you and us.

Sirius provides internships and graduation assignments to one or two students at a time, and has been doing so, almost continually, since 2015. In most companies, the work interns do typically supplements or supports the rest of a team. At Sirius, these interns are what keeps the company looking forward, and constantly innovating.  Adrian is currently a third-year chemical engineering student at Hogeschool Utrecht, where the curriculum focuses heavily on sustainability.

Adrian’s project could take Sirius in an entirely new direction. Sirius currently sources palm kernel oil (PKO) exclusively from RSPO-certified producers, but getting PKO still requires cultivating palm plantations. But what if there were a sustainable, comparably-priced alternative PKO?  In the near future, Adrian’s findings could be Sirius’s new raw material.

Warehouse personnel
Sirius utilizes 4 warehouses in Europe; for harmless goods, hazardous goods, blending and bulking. In each of them, 2 colleagues handle Sirius products exclusively, including packing and documents. The team members presented here frequently visit the warehouses, to check inventories, or for special projects.

No innovation without the right cooperation with analytical and application laboratories. With years of experience, Sirius relies on a number of trusted chemical laboratory partners to keep the pipeline filled with the raw materials of the future.

Leo is the owner and founder of Sirius International.  Under his guidance and leadership, Sirius has become one of the key players in eco-friendly and non-petrochemical compounds. Originally starting with chemical consultancy, followed by chemical distribution of the commodities suggested by Leo, the company evolved into the innovation of chemical raw materials to answer to future demands.

It hasn’t always been easy, and sometimes, there was a steep cost to doing the right thing.  But that hasn’t stopped Leo or his team at Sirius from constantly working to do better and to be better.  The independence means the company is nimble, even in an industry where innovation takes time.  “The most important resource is the people,” and it shows in the camaraderie and the teamwork at Sirius.

Again in the new year we will stand ready for you!



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