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Team Sirius wishes very much strength to all those who fight in her or his way against the Covid-19 virus and its consequences.

We believe that the next generation has the potential to achieve fabulous things. Something more: the young boys and girls are our future, and they’ll bear a great responsibility soon enough.

But we also believe that even the most exceptional talent needs the right environment and support in order to achieve something meaningful. All the successful entrepreneurs, business owners or CEOs have something in common: someone decided to give them a chance.

Finding young talents is among the reasons we started our internship program four years ago. Since then, five students made their first practical steps in Sirius International, and even as we write this, we share our knowledge and experience with an intern.

The internship at Sirius:

Sirius International is registered at every university, advanced and intermediate schools where chemistry or economic studies are available. When the time for an internship comes, the students consult with the database and explore the possibilities on the market. They usually look for something related to their study or the field they’d like to work in the future. If they choose Sirius International, they can contact us and arrange a meeting.

The initial conversation is pretty much a job interview. We see them as grownups, so we treat them as future employees. During this first talk, we ask questions related to the study and the expectations of the particular applicant. We need to know what they’d like to do (i.e. invent something new or research something already known) so that we determine whether we can support them or not.

The best candidates have intrinsic motivation and a distinct ambition. It’s a great advantage if they’re initiative – we’re always open to questions but we also believe that the most effective way to learn something is to look for it actively. On the other hand, it’s crucial to invest in them, to be ready for questions, to sit next to them regularly.

We might share our experience and knowledge with them, but they give us valuable ideas. We see every internship as a two-way exchange – Sirius gives a possibility to the young talents, but they also contribute to our business so that it remains state-of-the-art. Furthermore, they enrich the whole industry with their fresh ideas and out-of-the-box thinking. Newly trained people have up to date skills, keep us connected with the lifestyle values and interests of the next generation, are much more experienced with new technologies, etc.

A great example is the story of one of our interns who wanted to do some practical work and got the possibility to use a specific lab. We didn’t own such lab, but we have a large network so we can provide the necessary conditions required for working in a production or analytical environment. We accompanied the intern to one of our customers’ laboratories. After short introductions, the intern spontaneously started to sell his idea and the lab accepted him as eagerly as we had done.

We always establish open and honest communication with our interns. If they’re doing good, they’ll know it; the same goes if something’s wrong. One day they’ll have to be responsible for the work they’re doing in a company or an institution, and we want them to be able to deal with both success and failure. Our interns have all the freedom in the world to determine their place in the company and grow within it. Being an intern at Sirius International is not a child’s play but it’s worth it!

The Sirius effect:

Ever since Ancient times, people tend to complain about youth and how everything used to be better. But instead of pointing the finger at the young people, we prefer to give them a hand. And we wish to think that someday somewhere someone will do the same for our kids.

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