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Toilet Rim Blocks
Although they are usually look down on, toilet blocks must perform a tough duty.
They clean, disinfect, freshen up and avoid lime scale build-up in toilets.

Toilet blocks consist of:

  • Anionic surfactant,
    for example Alfa Olefin Sulfonate which actually cleans
  • Bleach agent,
    for example Sodium Percarbonate, which oxidizes organic dirt
  • Anti Scaling agent,
    for example Sodium Carbonate (washing soda/soda ash), a strong alkaline anti scaling agent
  • Builder,
    for example Sodium Sulfate, a water softener so the other ingredients can do their jobs without being hindered by Calcium
  • Disinfectant,
    for example chlorine releasing agents
    Chlorine/chlorite should only be released in low concentrations because it reacts with acidic toilet cleaners and urine to form the suffocating chlorine gas. With ammonia, also present in toilet cleaners and in urine, chlorine forms chloro amines which irritate eyes and the respiratory tract
  • Binder,
    for example Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose or Diamine/Stearate co-polymer, to bind the ingredients together in a block
  • Perfume
  • Colorant


Toilet blocks are manufactured by extrusion, much like plastic profiles or cables. After 30 minutes mixing of above ingredients, the mix is dropped into an extruder. This is a long device in which the mass is heated and micro-mixed and transported by a screw. At the end of the extruder, the toilet block mass is pushed through a shaped whole to form a long ribbon. This falls onto a conveyor belt, so it does not fold. It is then cut into pieces; the ultimate toilet blocks. After cooling and wrapping they are ready to be used

If more than 5% water would be present, bubbles would be formed due to the elevated temperature inside the extruder. This would deform the final product.

Therefore toilet blocks contain very little water, except for some traces already present in the ingredients.

Toilet blocks last from 30 to 60 days, depending on the frequency of flushing.

The Sirius Effect

Sirius guarantees to deliver all above mentioned ingredients with a minimum of water content. This enables the experienced and the new toilet block producer to manufacture the sharpest shaped toilet blocks. Behind the extruder, molds with complex shapes can be installed.

So there is no need for all those toilet blocks to look so uninspiring. With the security that its shape is well defined, the innovative minds among you could  introduce the next generation of toilet blocks. Why not a dolphin inside a transparent plastic holder, tumbling with every flush? Or a surfer complete with board, waiting for the next big wave. Something to notice during your next visit

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