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Team Sirius wishes very much strength to all those who fight in her or his way against the Covid-19 virus and its consequences.

Two of the biggest buzzwords today are “sustainable” and “biodegradable”. Both are associated with environmental-friendliness, though with a more thorough parsing this is not necessarily the case. Something can be sustainable, in the sense that it can be renewed, but still bad for the environment. Something can be biodegradable, but the individual components can still be toxic. In a perfect world, everything would be sustainable, biodegradable, non-toxic, and carbon-neutral. But function comes first, and trade-offs seem inevitable for now. For example, Sirius’ Briteframe PESA is a phosphate- and nitrate-free dispersant that is biodegradable but not sustainable – yet. But because eutrophication can cause severe problems for the environment and water supply, using PESA is still preferable to using phosphates.

When it comes to water pollution, one of the ways to limit the pollutants reaching the water is to make sure they never get there in the first place. Consumer products can achieve this with substituting eco-friendly compounds for things that are not – for example, replacing anionics in detergents with alpha olefin sulfonate (Britens AOS) or sodium lauryl ethoxy sulfate (Ethoxybrite SLES). SLES is biodegradable, but Sirius works with one of the few producers who make it sustainably, as well.

Sirius also carries sustainably-produced ethoxylated fatty alcohols (Ethoxybrite EFA). For industrial water treatment, there is PESA, but Sirius also carries a number of additional options so that the treatments can be tailored for the conditions specific to your facility. It is our objective that our product line will consist entirely of biodegradable and sustainable compounds as they become available.

Clean water is critical to the health and well-being of everybody on earth. Because of their size and scale, companies and businesses have the ability to drive the demand for environmentally-friendly goods in a way that consumers do not. Companies work with chemicals and products in sizes and scales that would be unimaginable to the consumers – they can place demands on their supply chain that consumers would not even think about, and these are the changes that truly make a difference.

The Sirius effect:

Sirius believes that, in a perfect world, being environmentally conscientious should not be a decision. The world is not perfect, yet! We strive to make being environmentally friendly a decision that is as easy and painless as possible. Want to find out how our products can help you achieve your green goals? Call us today.