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Team Sirius wishes very much strength to all those who fight in her or his way against the Covid-19 virus and its consequences.

Consumer behaviour is controlled by the invisible power of the not-so-invisible mass media channels and advertising campaigns. This is not necessarily a bad thing – society’s constantly striving to improve. Therefore, there’s a never-ending flow of innovations that are trying to attract people’s attention and money.

Many factors can influence the success of a certain cleaning product, for example, its environmental impact, the value it adds to the consumer’s life, and the brand image. Among the challenges every producer of detergents has to overcome, is finding the balance between all these aspects.

We can always learn from the way some trends have developed in the past. For example, soon after they were released to the market, liquid detergents became remarkably popular, because most of the people think that they work better than their powder equivalents.

This is a wonderful example of the subjectivity of the consumer’s judgment. Due to the fact that a particular liquid detergent looks or smells more appealing, some customers are inclined to believe that it cleans better. The truth is, both powder and liquid detergents have their advantages.

The liquid detergents contain water. In comparison to their powder counterparts, they might experience difficulties when it comes to stain treatment. The reason behind this would be that dry powder offers a stable environment and can contain more bleaching and brightening agents. In the liquid environment, it’s challenging to control the interactions that might occur between all of the ingredients in immediate contact through the water.

However, the fluid laundry detergents dissolve completely during the washing process. Therefore, in the textile fabrics, there are no residues which otherwise might cause skin irritation or white stains on dark clothes.

When making a choice, some clients take into consideration not only the performance of a certain laundry product but also its environmental impact. While the color, perfume and perceived performance of a certain laundry product influence the choices of individual consumers, its environmental impact concerns us all.

The powder detergents are usually sold in cardboard boxes while their liquid alternatives need plastic bottle-like packaging. The cardboard is easily recycled and can be used in compost. Thanks to recent innovations, it can be even made from grass! At the same time, it’s possible to make a plastic bottle with recycled and plant plastic.

When it comes to transportation, the odds are in favour of the powder detergents. The shape of the average cardboard package allows a maximum level of utilisation of the available space, no matter if it’s a truck, a train or a container ship. For comparison, when transporting randomly shaped plastic bottles, there’s much space left which means that more shipping units are necessary to achieve the same results.

The Sirius Effect
We understand that sometimes having a successful business requires compromises. If you’d like to reduce the environmental impact your cleaning products have, give us a call today. Let’s discuss how you can make your successful business greener!

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