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The sun is the oldest resource used by people to bleach their white wash, although some fabrics are yellowed by sunrays. On both sunny and rainy days, oxygen bleaching is the safest and environmentally friendliest choice compared to chlorine and perborate bleaches.

Oxygen is released by Sodium Percarbonate, uncoated or coated for stability; SPC.
The rest product after release of oxygen is Soda Ash, Na2CO3, a harmless salt used in detergents already.

Until now, SPC is supplied in powder form, packed in 25kg bags and 1000-1100kg bigbags. The SPC particles are coated with 5 different possible coatings, depending on the application.

The Sirius Effect
On top of this, Sirius and its partners bring to you the trusted SPC in 2 new appearances:

SPC tablets
Small SPC tablets measure 0.9cm in diameter, 0.5cm in height. Other dimensions such as 3cm diameter and 1cm height are also possible.
They come in the same active oxygen content as SPC powder (13.5%). Upon request, lower active oxygen contents down to 5% are available.

Tablets are easy to handle in industrial and agricultural settings; a handful of SPC tablets is thrown in equipment or crates which need cleaning. In combination with water, oxygen is released and dirt and germs are hygienically oxidized. In fish farming, SPC tablets can be a source of dissolved oxygen as well.

In both examples, tablets are easier dosed than powder. And tablets can be simply counted instead of the elaborate weighing of powder.

In other applications, one can think of adding a tablet to a powder mix for an extra and immediate oxidation boost. The tablets dissolve upon contact with water and release oxygen instantaneously.

The manufacturer is also able to produce tablets containing a detergent base; SPC + surfactants + soda ash + enzymes, etc. Is there a market for small fabric washing tablets?

SPC tablets are already commercially available!

SPC gels
Until now, all liquid bleaches on the market contain 1%-6% Hydrogen Peroxide, H2O2.
These H2O2 bleaches release less than 10% of the active oxygen amount compared to the same amount of SPC. The bleaching performance of H2O2 bleaches is equally low.

Finally, it has proven possible to manufacture an SPC gel containing no water (as water activates and thus destabilizes SPC). Using an SPC gel, there is less chance of spilling compared to powder. And gel starts to work even faster than SPC powder, as the dissolving step is skipped. Overall, the active oxygen content and bleaching performance is on the level of SPC powder.

In institutional detergent use, for example in hotels and hospitals, as well as in laundry services, stains can be more directly treated with a roll-on device filled with SPC than with loose SPC powder.

Even in Automatic Dish Washer (ADW) applications, an SPC gel can be used as an innovation. Being a slow pouring liquid, a gel allows personal control when dosing detergent into the ADW. More gel can be added to dirtier dishes.

SPC in gel form is available in samples tubes; not yet in industrial quantities. Kindly indicate your interest; the more we collect, the quicker this project will fly.

The same is valid for our DECOBS; the activator of SPC at 20oC.

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