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Team Sirius wishes very much strength to all those who fight in her or his way against the Covid-19 virus and its consequences.

Sometimes, there are problems that you never realized were a problem until a solution comes along: the I-Phone, for example, and the rise of touch-screens. Or a way of making bacon slightly healthier. They don’t necessarily have to be big problems – but the right problem, solved in a clever way, can make all the difference.

As far as life-altering inventions go, the new granular formulation of Sirius’s Britens ABS  and Britens AOS are modest ones.  Britens ABS is the sodium salt of the most widely used solid anionic surfactant (linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid) in the world, and as such is  a key component of powdered detergents.  However, the powder is very hygroscopic and can be difficult to work with, since it clumps easily and sticks to everything.  Furthermore, by itself, in solutions, the sulfonic acid is very sensitive to water hardness and precipitates readily, which necessitates the use of binders and the addition of nonionic surfactants to prevent crystallization.

Sirius is pleased to announce that we now have a micro-granular formulation of Britens ABS. The irregularly-shaped micro-granules of Sirius’s new Britens ABS create a free-flowing powder, so that the particles do not adhere to each other. This makes it much easier to measure out the needed quantities and means less waste overall. Britens ABS is not entirely biodegradable as it does contain the benzene ring, but Britens AOS, a related anionic surfactant, does not.

Britens AOS is the sodium salt of the less-frequently used anionic surfactant alpha olefin sulfonate, and it is a powerful cleaning agent in powder detergents, pastes, and solids such as toilet rim blocks. However, Britens AOS is irritating to the respiratory tract, eyes, and skin.  The powder can be difficult to work with safely, but the granulated version which releases much less dust – and in our experience, we can assure you, that is a big relief!

Hygroscopy and irritation are relatively small and seemingly unavoidable problems, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be solved. Granules can be advantageous over powders in many applications. In both cases, the granules provide a lighter product than their corresponding powders, and the lower bulk density can help you save on shipping costs.

Sirius, of course, encourages you to use Britens ABS and AOS powders whenever possible. But if you need a granulated version, at least those are now available.

The Sirius effect:

Sometimes there is simply no way to go 100% green. Sometimes you need an anionic surfactant like Britens ABS or Britens AOS to do what needs to be done. But at least with Sirius, less of it can go that much slightly further – and that can begin to make all the difference. Want to see if the new formulation can make things easier for you?  Give us a call today.

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