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Ethoxylated Fatty Alcohols
Fatty alcohols are hydrophobic; water repellent. To make a surfactant molecule out of fatty alcohols one side should hold a hydrophilic group. Like this, dirt can dissolve in the fatty part, while the hydrophilic group maintains contact with the water; the principle of washing.

Contrary to negatively charged cleaners (anionic surfactants) and positively charged cleaners (cationics), ethoxylated fatty alcohols have no charge. By ethoxylating fatty alcohols (adding an ethoxy group –O-C2H5) an accessible oxygen atom comes available. The oxygen atom forms so called hydrogen bridges with the water molecules. This way, without a charge, still a hydrophilic end is added to the fatty alcohol molecule. They remain non-ionic, and therefore less aggressive in their cleaning. This explains their mild behaviour.

An ethoxylated fatty alcohol is characterised by the length of its fat-alcohol chain and by how many ethoxy groups are attached to that chain. The length of the (dirt dissolving) fatty chain is indicated by the number of C-atoms (“C12-C18” means chains of 12 to 18 C-atoms). The number of (water binding) ethoxy groups is depicted by the amount of “mol EO”, a measure for the number of molecules Ethylene Oxide.

Our ethoxylated fatty alcohols are ideal for use in liquid detergents. As they are non-ionics, having no charge, these raw materials result in mild cleaners, such as wool detergents.

The mildest types are those with a linear C-chain (no branches). These are also optimally broken down biologically. Just like we, bacteria rather not place their teeth in products with complex 3-dimensional structures. A “bar” of C-chains is easier consumed.

The features of linear ethoxylated fatty alcohols are:

• Mild cleaners (wool, face, hands)
• Emulsifying (avoid sagging of other ingredients, such as fragrances and colourants in the end product)
• Dissolving (hydrophobic ingredients are kept in solution by ethoxylated fatty alcohols in a water based end product)
• Wetting of surfaces (so the cleaning job by the end product becomes more effective, or by enhancing the moisturizing job of skin and hair –conditioner-cosmetics)

Ethoxylated fatty alcohols are stable up to 130oC and within a broad pH range.

The Sirius Effect
Sirius International has long searched for competitive ethoxylated fatty alcohols. The one manufacturer produces its own fat-alcohols, but has to buy the Ethylene Oxide, or source out the ethoxylation. The other manufacturer obtains the fat-alcohols from outside and only ethoxylates. Both processes conventionally result in high costs. At this moment we cooperate with a partner who does provides both raw materials, as well as controls both parts of the process.

Thérefore we can offer you competitively right now:

• C12-14 1mol, 2mol, 3mol, 5mol, 7mol, 9mol EO
• C12-18 7mol EO

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