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Team Sirius wishes very much strength to all those who fight in her or his way against the Covid-19 virus and its consequences.

With years of experience and success in the chemical industry, Sirius International is a proven trustworthy partner. We bring manufacturers and customers of chemical raw materials from all over the world closer together. But what’s our secret? We decided to open up and share some details from our process.

We’ve implemented the Value Disciplines Model in our workflow. To be exact, it contains three competitive strategies: Customer Intimacy (continually customizing products and services to meet the client’s needs), Product Leadership (developing new and better products through differentiation and innovation) and Operational Excellence (providing good products at the lowest total cost).

Our greatest efforts are in the direction of the Customer Intimacy aspect. For us, it’s crucial to establish a trusted and loyal relationship with our clients. We’re always aiming to over-perform and positively surprise those who have put their faith in us. Innovation is not just in our chemicals. It is also in our supply chain. For instance, last winter, a leading European SPC producer, representing 25% of European production capacity, ceased its operations of this dangerous chemical. Thanks to our worldwide network of partners, Sirius quickly set up an alternative supply of SPC, not only matching the quality of the vanished manufacturer, but also providing enough ADR warehouse space and even a facility to load our Britebleach SPC into bulk silo trucks, so European SPC-customers did not disrupt their production processes.

Such tailor made solutions are only possible by paying special interest in our customers’ requirements and internal processes. And we do so with every customer contact, so we are ready to support when the need arises.

This has helped us to establish valuable connections throughout the years. Our customers know that we’ll do our best to fulfil their inquiry even if it seems impossible. They don’t take our efforts for granted but appreciate every extra thing we do to support them. In another example, we’re delivering Britemax CBS and Britemax DMS even though these products are alternately very scarce lately. This is always a positive surprise for those who need optical brighteners and have brought up their need to Sirius.

Besides being highly supportive of the companies we work with, we’re honest with them, no matter what the situation is.

All and all, over time, we have come to think of our customers as our colleagues with whom we work together to achieve success. It won’t be exaggerated to say that our customers are our better half!

Of course, we’re paying attention to the other two aspects of the so-called Value Triangle. For example, the core of the Product Leadership value is embedded in our innovation process. We work in close partnership with our clients in order to develop new ideas and deliver valuable solutions. You can read the article The Innovation Process of Sirius for all the steps we take when innovating.

At the same time, we can guarantee a satisfactory level of Operational Excellence as all members of our sales service team are incredibly close to our customers.

The Sirius Effect:

Exceeding the expectations of our customers is the norm at Sirius International. Every container and every truck we supply, does not just contain chemical raw materials. They contain dedication, experience, tailor made efforts, team spirit and valuable market information. We just don’t put in on our invoices.

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