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Team Sirius wishes very much strength to all those who fight in her or his way against the Covid-19 virus and its consequences.

Dear valued customer and business partner,

This message hopes to find you, your loved ones and colleagues healthy.

If not, we wish you strength and to get healthy soon again.

Please stay operational and accessible. We invite you to send your reactions, orders and forecasts for April, May, June. There could be a run on detergent, cosmetic and water treatment raw materials.

Like you, we at Sirius are also working maximum from home. Except Marco Hesselink, who is alone in the office for documents and samples receipt and dispatch. All discussions go by telephone and meetings changed to telephone conferences.

In our warehouses, hygiene measures are in place. Night and day shifts don’t meet each other anymore; no physical hand over and disinfection first. Since March 12, transport planners were divided in 2 half-teams, separated by old and new walls or building floors, each with their own toilet group. Should 1 team get infected, the other team continues. Drivers are briefed every morning by the trucking company directors about hygiene measures and how to behave at customers. Every day the same or with updates.

In all above cases, movements are brought down to the minimum necessary to run our normal deliveries.

Everybody confirms that within days, it worked fine. While human health has its limits, human adaptability can be amazing.

At the positive side, our manufacturing sites in Asia have started up again. Our partners wear face masks from dusk till dawn, in factories, in offices and during transport. After a 4 weeks gap in February, Sirius has started to receive every single raw material again. Apart from some delays in container lead times, we did not and will not run out of stock.

We try to keep our businesses running.

Not just for our salaries, families and pensions, but also to keep your factories and thus the shops and hospitals in Europe filled with healthy products. Please help us to keep supply chains open.

You could argue how 1 chemical ingredient can save lives, but that is the same like asking what our vote matters during elections.

Manufacturing end products stop when 1 ingredient is missing. Or when too many people are infected to run proper shifts.

Which brings us back to safe products in shops and hospitals.

Which brings us back to keeping our businesses running.

Which can be done by common healthy sense. The opponent of panic and lethargy.

And staying operational and accessible. Do send us your reactions, orders and forecasts for April, May and June.

Stay healthy, wash your hands often, rest enough, eat well and show patience to your families and colleagues. Good luck keeping also the young people from the streets. They are strongest, but therefore also very effective couriers of viruses. It’s contagious before any fever is felt.


Best regards, take care,

Officeteam Sirius

Annelies       Jonien       Martina      Marco   Charlotte        Leo