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Team Sirius wishes very much strength to all those who fight in her or his way against the Covid-19 virus and its consequences.

Pimping Powders

03 Apr 2020

The Sirius Effect: This past month we have seen—tragically—how something as insignificant as a minor cough can become an international health crisis. But we have also seen people coming together and helping each other in ways that are as surprising as they are beautiful.  And this is why we will continue to do what we… Read more

Phantastic Phosphates

01 Dec 2019

The Sirius Effect: Phosphate molecules are often found in combination with other elements, such as calcium, sodium, potassium, aluminum and nitrogen. The chemical derivates of phosphoric acid have a wide range of use – from wastewater treatment to detergency, fertilizers, food, and soft drinks. Sirius International offers various types of Britequest phosphonics and Britephos phosphates… Read more

Water treatment dispersants

12 Jul 2018

Clean water isn’t necessarily the same as pure water. Even clean water contains ions and minerals that, under the right conditions, can cause corrosion and can precipitate out of solution, leading to scale buildup. In detergents, hard water ions inactivate the anionic surfactants, rendering them useless at solubilizing dirt.  The accumulation of salts into scale… Read more

Synergistic Water Treatment

05 Feb 2018

Water treatment is a balancing act of chemistry and temperature. Maintaining the pH and keeping all of the dissolved minerals in solution at temperatures where they would ordinarily precipitate out is no easy feat. Scale buildup can be costly, and not just because it makes heat exchange less efficient. It can interfere with the laminar… Read more

Sustainable Water Treatment

02 Jul 2017

Two of the biggest buzzwords today are “sustainable” and “biodegradable”. Both are associated with environmental-friendliness, though with a more thorough parsing this is not necessarily the case. Something can be sustainable, in the sense that it can be renewed, but still bad for the environment. Something can be biodegradable, but the individual components can still… Read more

Polymer dispersants: would you be so environmentally friendly … ?

01 Mar 2013

Many million liters of water flow through the water treatment- and detergent industries. With these liters, surface active substances flush into the environment. Also there they live up to their name; they are active in the surface water with often an unwanted and sometimes long lasting environmental effect. A known example are the phosphor- and… Read more

Water treatment; a good solution

01 Mar 2012

In many industries process water is used. Water is applied as cooling agent, solvent and means of transport. To save costs, process water is recycled. The recycle of process water is not a closed system. In cooling towers, open ransport systems and while emptying reactors, water evaporates. The dissolved substances remain behind in the circuit…. Read more