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Team Sirius wishes very much strength to all those who fight in her or his way against the Covid-19 virus and its consequences.

Granular anionic surfactants

06 Nov 2019

The Sirius Effect: Sirius International offers microgranular formulations of solid anionic surfactants – the essential ingredient of any efficient powder detergent. As the microgranules have an irregular shape, they don’t cling to each other. Moreover, these particles are much larger than dust, so they get less airborne. Our microgranulates form free-flowing powders which are much… Read more

Toilet Rim Blocks: Quick and Clean

01 Oct 2010

Although they are usually look down on, toilet blocks must perform a tough duty. They clean, disinfect, freshen up and avoid lime scale build-up in toilets. Toilet blocks consist of: Anionic surfactant, for example Alfa Olefin Sulfonate which actually cleans Bleach agent, for example Sodium Percarbonate, which oxidizes organic dirt Anti Scaling agent, for example… Read more