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Team Sirius wishes very much strength to all those who fight in her or his way against the Covid-19 virus and its consequences.

Artifical Intelligence

06 Aug 2020

The Sirius Effect: Artificial Intelligence may seem to be the stuff of science fiction, but the applications touch many parts of the chemical industry. Sirius considers approaching holidays in our manufacturers’ countries before they do. We collect data on historical supply and demand to learn and become better at predicting our customers order patterns. Sometimes… Read more

Value Chain

01 Jul 2020

The Sirius Effect: Supply lines were critically tested these past few months.  Thanks to our good relationships with both our manufacturers and our customers, we were able to keep ours open.  Building a robust supply chain is about more than just making sure people meet deadlines, though… One of the business lessons to be drawn… Read more

100% Bio PEG

04 Jun 2020

The Sirius Effect: Why?  The most fundamental question can direct us to paths that we wouldn’t have considered otherwise. Rethinking the way we’ve always done things can lead us down greener paths, and to avenues we’ve never thought were possible. In life, there are certain inevitabilities, death and taxes being two of the most famous… Read more

Micro Crystalline Cellulose

05 May 2020

The Sirius Effect: “Going with the flow” is a metaphor for accepting things as they are, adapting to circumstances as you find them.  We are all adjusting, or trying to adapt to, the new circumstances required to live with the new coronavirus.  We can’t know what the future will demand, only that flexibility, and the… Read more

Sustainable Palm Oil

06 Mar 2020

The Sirius Effect: Palm kernel oil forms a major component of modern surfactants.  Unfortunately, the sustainability of the source of these oils is problematic-but the solution could be closer than we think, if we’re willing to get a little…dirty. Palm oil and palm kernel oil are everywhere.  They find their way into a vast array… Read more

Climate Change

03 Feb 2020

The Sirius effect: Sirius is always looking for a cleaner, greener way to do things.  The result is always something that makes a difference to the planet, even if there is no difference for the consumer. Climate change it’s the biggest crisis that we’re facing as a planet. The year 2019 was the second hottest… Read more

Your Partners

03 Jan 2020

from left to right: Annelies, Marco, Martina, Jonien, Charlotte, Leo The Sirius Effect What makes Sirius different? There are many companies acting as middlemen for sustainable cleaning chemicals. Like Sirius, some of them might even offer REACH registration services and supply chain management as well. But Sirius is different, not for its size or the… Read more

Biocidal Hygiene

09 Oct 2019

The Sirius Effect: Sirius International can provide you with raw materials approved by the biocides legislation, which will give you the freedom to say that your product is hygienic. For instance, Britebleach TAED (tetra acetyl ethylene diamine) and SPC (sodium peroxy carbonate). As the advertising industry becomes more and more creative in convincing people to… Read more

Chinese availability

10 Sep 2019

The Sirius Effect: Understanding the complex impacts of the global environment and politics requires a distributor that is anchored in and familiar with its suppliers as well as its customers’ markets. As Sirius International is auditing yearly every supplier and is being in weekly contact with all of them, we’re on top of the newest… Read more

Security of Supply; SOS!

01 Aug 2019

Every business has its own goals, which help it grow. But what makes a company successful is establishing financial stability. One of the ways to do this is to minimize the expenses. That’s why, when it comes to making a decision about certain purchases, keeping the price low often is a top priority. There is… Read more

Customer intimacy

01 May 2019

With years of experience and success in the chemical industry, Sirius International is a proven trustworthy partner. We bring manufacturers and customers of chemical raw materials from all over the world closer together. But what’s our secret? We decided to open up and share some details from our process. We’ve implemented the Value Disciplines Model… Read more

Powders versus liquids

01 Apr 2019

Consumer behaviour is controlled by the invisible power of the not-so-invisible mass media channels and advertising campaigns. This is not necessarily a bad thing – society’s constantly striving to improve. Therefore, there’s a never-ending flow of innovations that are trying to attract people’s attention and money. Many factors can influence the success of a certain… Read more

Cradle to cradle synergies

05 Mar 2019

What’s the most significant feature of a chemical product? Some people would say that how a commodity performs is the only thing that matters. But we, at Sirius International, are looking towards our planet’s future and we want it to be sustainable. Being aware of the environmental impact of chemical products is a crucial step… Read more

100% bio-based surfactants

08 Feb 2019

The world we’re living in is rapidly changing which puts us, its inhabitants, at a challenging position. We have a significant impact on the future of this planet and yet, we sometimes neglect its needs. Sirius International takes seriously the duties we have due to the characteristics of our industry. To make sure the next… Read more

The Innovation Process of Sirius

23 Jan 2019

Do you know how gunpowder was created? The Chinese emperor Wu Di (156-87 B.C.) wanted to have eternal life. He invested a significant number of resources, and his alchemists did a lot of unsuccessful experiments mixing and heating Sulphur and Saltpeter. Way later, during the 8th century, the idea was developed, and charcoal was added… Read more

Does “green” clean?

03 Dec 2018

Eco, bio, organic – all those trendy green labels were overused in the past couple of years in order to boost the sales of a certain cleaning product and silence the environmentally friendly population. But what does green actually mean? This term is supposed to be used for cleansers which have no harmful effect on… Read more

Efficient container shipping

02 Nov 2018

What would our life look like without container ships? People rarely think about how their food, furniture or detergents have reached their homes. Thanks to the constant improvements in the field of transportation, moving goods from and to all over the world takes only a couple of weeks and can be surprisingly cheap. Benefits of… Read more

Freeflowing, non-irritating granules

06 Apr 2018

Sometimes, there are problems that you never realized were a problem until a solution comes along: the I-Phone, for example, and the rise of touch-screens. Or a way of making bacon slightly healthier. They don’t necessarily have to be big problems – but the right problem, solved in a clever way, can make all the… Read more

100% Vegetable surfactants

14 Mar 2018

The more we know, the harder it can seem to do the right thing: “Don’t Litter” campaigns abound the world over, but just because the trash finds its way into the proper receptacle doesn’t mean it’s no longer harmful. As we are now beginning to appreciate, plastic trash often ends up in the oceans, where… Read more

Synergistic Water Treatment

05 Feb 2018

Water treatment is a balancing act of chemistry and temperature. Maintaining the pH and keeping all of the dissolved minerals in solution at temperatures where they would ordinarily precipitate out is no easy feat. Scale buildup can be costly, and not just because it makes heat exchange less efficient. It can interfere with the laminar… Read more

Cold Wash Activation

13 Jan 2017

There are numerous advantages to using cold water for cleaning: it saves energy (and therefore money), offers commercial benefits when it comes to being perceived as “green”, prevents wear-and-tear on the fabrics, and it gets rid of dirt just as well as hot water.  However, there is one aspect in which hot water is supposedly… Read more

Nano titania: clean air

01 Jun 2013

Smog alarms have become a world wide phenomena. With a suffocating regularity the economic progress wraps Beijing and other Chinese cities in a nontransparent cloud of air pollution. Singapore and Malaysia are burdened with smog blown over from Indonesia. Europe is not immune to this problem, with regions of the Netherlands and Belgium (the main… Read more

Polymer dispersants: would you be so environmentally friendly … ?

01 Mar 2013

Many million liters of water flow through the water treatment- and detergent industries. With these liters, surface active substances flush into the environment. Also there they live up to their name; they are active in the surface water with often an unwanted and sometimes long lasting environmental effect. A known example are the phosphor- and… Read more

Nano titania: nano leaps for mankind

01 Oct 2012

June 2007 we presented our Newsletter about finding practical applications for nano technology. Now, 5 years up the road, there are some break throughs worth mentioning. First we repeat the basics. Nano technology changes the properties of surfaces on super small scale. This can give completely new functions to conventional surfaces. A common brick can… Read more

Surfactants and protection; an auto motive for safety

01 Feb 2012

Car lovers clean their vehicles over the weekend, in front of their homes. Others view it as necessary evil and hurry their car through a car wash. Transport companies wash daily; they know that their drivers’ safety depends on good visibility, and their fuel consumption depends on a smooth, so clean surface. The dirt that… Read more

Colored sulphates: sparkling speckles

01 Jan 2012

Sirius introduces another new raw material; this time for your powder detergents. Before we dazzle you with the product possibilities, a few words on the manufacturing, which passes our tests with flying colors.> ISO certificates: ISO9001 (quality), ISO14001 (environment), ISO18001(health and safety) In-house waste water treatment Outsourced palletisation, resulting in straightly stacked pallets of 25kg bags… Read more

Encapsulated perfumes: a well kept secret

01 Feb 2011

Fabric softeners are known to enrich our clothes and other fabrics with a lovely touch and fresh smell. The latest novelty in fabric softener land is the microcapsule. With this invention our laundry emits a fresh scent ‘4 times as long’ or even ‘for weeks on end’. How does this work? The secret: the perfume… Read more

Percarbonate: bleach in tablet- and gel forms

01 Jan 2011

The sun is the oldest resource used by people to bleach their white wash, although some fabrics are yellowed by sunrays. On both sunny and rainy days, oxygen bleaching is the safest and environmentally friendliest choice compared to chlorine and perborate bleaches. Oxygen is released by Sodium Percarbonate, uncoated or coated for stability; SPC. The… Read more

Toilet Rim Blocks: Quick and Clean

01 Oct 2010

Although they are usually look down on, toilet blocks must perform a tough duty. They clean, disinfect, freshen up and avoid lime scale build-up in toilets. Toilet blocks consist of: Anionic surfactant, for example Alfa Olefin Sulfonate which actually cleans Bleach agent, for example Sodium Percarbonate, which oxidizes organic dirt Anti Scaling agent, for example… Read more

Fabric softeners: Hard to get

01 Oct 2009

As we described before, Fabric Softeners make your laundry: feel soft anti-static less wrinkled smell fresh Chemically, Fabric softeners are long fatty chains connected to positively charged ions of Ammonium; Quaternary Ammonium compounds, shortly called “Quats”. History Chronologically, the fabric softener inventions were:  Clays, like bentonite clays have a layered structure; the layers hold… Read more

Market Research: real time information from the real professionals

01 Feb 2009

• Suppose you produce detergents, plastics, coatings, or other end products which are made of chemicals • Suppose you do so since many years with historically proven chemistry • Now suppose the economic perspective require a drastic change. Part of the demand for your products evaporates.   One solution can be to find new markets… Read more