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Team Sirius wishes very much strength to all those who fight in her or his way against the Covid-19 virus and its consequences.

Pimping Powders

03 Apr 2020

The Sirius Effect: This past month we have seen—tragically—how something as insignificant as a minor cough can become an international health crisis. But we have also seen people coming together and helping each other in ways that are as surprising as they are beautiful.  And this is why we will continue to do what we… Read more

Biocidal Hygiene

09 Oct 2019

The Sirius Effect: Sirius International can provide you with raw materials approved by the biocides legislation, which will give you the freedom to say that your product is hygienic. For instance, Britebleach TAED (tetra acetyl ethylene diamine) and SPC (sodium peroxy carbonate). As the advertising industry becomes more and more creative in convincing people to… Read more

Security of Supply; SOS!

01 Aug 2019

Every business has its own goals, which help it grow. But what makes a company successful is establishing financial stability. One of the ways to do this is to minimize the expenses. That’s why, when it comes to making a decision about certain purchases, keeping the price low often is a top priority. There is… Read more

Environmentally friendly biocides

10 Sep 2018

It has been said that the apocalypse will come in the form of nuclear war, runaway climate change, a genetically-modified pandemic, or a meteor slamming into the earth. While these make great summer blockbusters, there is, in fact, a very real threat looming on the horizon: the specter of antibiotic resistance, brought on, in part,… Read more

Dirt is good

03 May 2018

The hygiene hypothesis first became mainstream about fifteen years ago, when the rise in eczema, asthma, and allergies became noticeable to the public.  The hygiene hypothesis, as the public grew to understand it,, was that we were “too clean”: that we were weakening the immune systems through our fear of germs and needing to sterilize… Read more

Most effective bleaching

02 Jan 2018

In laundry detergents, low-temperature bleaching is made possible thanks to activating agents that convert the peroxy acid precursor into the active peroxy acid. Cold-water bleaching is energy-efficient, saving people and companies money, and helps to reduce one’s carbon footprint by lowering the amount of energy required to heat water. NOBS is active at lower temperatures… Read more

European Biocides Legislation

02 May 2017

Anybody with a passing understanding of Greek and Latin should be horrified that there are substances such as biocides. Biocides, after all, means “things that kill life” – things that could kill “us”.  Fortunately, as a functional term, biocides more frequently refer to antimicrobial agents, though they also include things like insecticides, repellants, and poisons… Read more

Liquid Optical Brighteners

17 Mar 2017

Artists have long known that colors are not what they seem. Light and dark is not simply a matter of adding black or white to a color, but also a matter of adding contrasting color. For example, when painting an orange,  yellow can make a area look lighter, while a touch of blue can give… Read more

Cold Wash Activation

13 Jan 2017

There are numerous advantages to using cold water for cleaning: it saves energy (and therefore money), offers commercial benefits when it comes to being perceived as “green”, prevents wear-and-tear on the fabrics, and it gets rid of dirt just as well as hot water.  However, there is one aspect in which hot water is supposedly… Read more

Cold Wash: the Future is Now

22 Dec 2015

The climate change talks in Paris wrapped up last Saturday with a triumphant declaration that the world was (finally) ready to tackle the problem of global warming. Businesses can have a much greater impact on the environment than individuals, and they could be expected to the lead the way in making the changes that need… Read more

Peroxides: fishing in troubled waters

01 Apr 2013

Chemicals can have a double function. They can enhance desired results and prevent disadvantages at the same time. The next example originates from fish farming. Nowadays a lot fish is raised in fish farms. In such farms, the same optimum conditions apply as to garden ponds; for healthy fish the water needs to be saturated… Read more

Disinfection: mean and clean

01 Apr 2011

Industry versus cosmetics When we mention disinfection, we have to distinguish between industrial disinfection and cosmetic/pharmaceutical disinfection. The regulations for the latter applications are a lot stricter, because they come into contact with the human body.Chemicals meant to harm bacteria could be harmful to human cells for comparable reasons. Some industrial disinfectants (antisceptics, biocides) also… Read more

Percarbonate: bleach in tablet- and gel forms

01 Jan 2011

The sun is the oldest resource used by people to bleach their white wash, although some fabrics are yellowed by sunrays. On both sunny and rainy days, oxygen bleaching is the safest and environmentally friendliest choice compared to chlorine and perborate bleaches. Oxygen is released by Sodium Percarbonate, uncoated or coated for stability; SPC. The… Read more