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Team Sirius wishes very much strength to all those who fight in her or his way against the Covid-19 virus and its consequences.


It is our mission to bring world wide manufacturers and customers of chemical raw materials closer together. In this context we specialise in the market for cleaning, water treatment and cosmetic end products, but we are open to other specialty chemicals and other markets. We make the world smaller by translating European customer requirements (packaging, inventory, transport, price and quality) and legislation (CLP, GHS, REACH) to non-European manufacturers. The other way around we translate possibilities, innovations and inventions from manufacturers to European customer needs.


It is our vision that society profits from the right cooperation in the chemical industry. World wide cooperation between manufacturers and customers in the chemical industry improves by mutual understanding, thinking along and ahead, safety, compliance, innovation and realism instead of opportunism. Sirius positions itself as bridge builder between European markets for chemical raw materials and the manufacturers and inventors of those in the whole world. It is our objective to be the first European contact for as many raw materials as possible.

New chemicals

Nieuwe chemicaliënWe are always searching for new chemicals. With manufacturers we develop substances that comply fully with future environmental requirements. Biological degradable, sustainable and even air cleaning versions of conventional raw materials. At one stage we develop a granulate so fine dust can be past history. At another stage, we witness the birth of a totally new functional molecule that is broken down by bacteria in the environment. We are even introducing a chemical actively breaking down air pollution without being consumed itself. Some ideas originate in brainstorm sessions with our customers, most ideas are brought forward by the markets. This way our customers provide the inspiration for the raw materials distributed by Sirius tomorrow.