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Team Sirius wishes very much strength to all those who fight in her or his way against the Covid-19 virus and its consequences.

The world we’re living in is rapidly changing which puts us, its inhabitants, at a challenging position. We have a significant impact on the future of this planet and yet, we sometimes neglect its needs. Sirius International takes seriously the duties we have due to the characteristics of our industry. To make sure the next generations will have a bright future, we pay special attention to the corporate social responsibility. Our sustainable business practice involves taking the lead and providing two new 100% bio-based surfactants.

Thanks to the existing worldwide movement, the need for corporate social responsibility is rising. Having a future-oriented mindset and changing the existing corporate policies is a sure way to distinguish your end-products on the market. Many of our customers have already decided to make the necessary investment and to go green. Therefore, they have added value to their end products while performing their duty to society.

Holding an overview of the bio-based surfactant research and development in the industrial sector, including syntheses, applications, current trends and directions in the field, is crucial for exploring the new possibilities we have. Until recently, the only bio-based surfactant available was alkyl polyglucoside (APG), but we understand the need of moving along with the corporate social responsibility trends. This being said, we’d like to emphasise on the two new 100% bio-surfactants available in our portfolio – sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES), and ethoxylated fatty alcohols (EFA).


Until recently, one of the most popular cosmetic raw materials, especially among washing cosmetics, was sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). This material, however, was characterised by a significant degree of skin irritation, a relatively low aqueous solubility and limited possibilities to thicken the cosmetic formulation. Today, SLS has been widely replaced by its ethoxylated derivative – the most used anionic surfactant in handsoaps worldwide, SLES. Sirius International is among the few companies worldwide to provide 100% bio-based Ethoxybrite SLES. It’s necessary to clarify that for years the process of sulfonating the ethoxy head of the ethoxylated fatty alcohols (EFA) to manufacture SLES included byproducts of refining crude oil. Thanks to our passion for innovation and successful collaboration, we could add to our portfolio both EFA and SLES produced entirely from vegetal raw materials.


Among the most commonly used surfactants in liquid detergents are also EFA. They are electrically neutral, which makes them particularly mild cleansers. The scope of their application is extensive – they can be added in hair and skin moisturisers as well as in household cleaning agents. It’s important to mention that the ethoxylated head of the bio-based EFA sold by Sirius International is derived from renewable sugar. In addition to the RSPO carbon chain, this makes it 100% bio-based.


Last, but not least, comes alkyl polyglucoside (APG) – a surfactant synthesised through the condensation of long-chain fatty alcohols and glucose, extracted from vegetal, renewable sources.  APG was described for the first time more than 100 years ago, and it was initially used as a surfactant in 1936. However, it has been ignored for more than half a century until in the ’80s, APG has finally become a preferred surfactant in household detergents, cosmetics and agricultural products due to its low toxicity characteristics. Thanks to recent innovations in the industry, it’s expected that APG’s price will drop down. This would mean new possibilities for developing product lines using 100% bio-based surfactants.

The Sirius Effect

Sirius International is a trustworthy partner when it comes to implementing environmentally oriented innovations. Do you want to go green and do you need advice on green raw materials? Sirius loves to be your partner!

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