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We bridge the gap between manufacturers of
raw materials and customers in Europe.

In the high North, to be precise in Helsinki, the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) takes decisions about REACH that affect everybody in Europe. To stay tuned, it is advised to get absorbed in the status once in a while.

At its founding in 2007, REACH, Helsinki already established all the rules and the timeline along which chemical substances needed to be registered step by step if they were to be imported or used in the EU. From the start is was yet intended to leave it to the industry to set up the safety information.

Direction 2018

May 2013 all substances with yearly sales volumes of 100-1000 tons needed to be REACH registered. The next dead line is May 31 2018, for substances with a yearly volume of 1-100tons. That may seems far away. In the mean time, however,the local governments increase the frequencies of their inspections. So also with regard to the pre-registrations, safety sheets etc of chemicals of 1-100 tons per year. It is therefore in your own interest not to wait till 2018, but to get your house in order now. With our help, if you so desire.

Existing EU laws

Understandably ECHA is navigating between observing and maintaining on one hand and leaving it to the chemical industry and its downstream markets on the other hand. But there is a third zone of influence. Those are the already existing EU laws for chemical substances.

As happens usually when officials deal with and tackle the practice, also with REACH paper dragons developed over individual chemcials. Someone imposes that safety sheets shall be expanded with rules of usage for the specific application by a specific market segment. As the rules are not clear to all parties yet, manufacturers add all rules of usage for all known applications, just to be safe. Something that used to be a handy document transforms into a huge book work containing a large portion of superfluous information for every reader.

Also Sirius has undergone routine environmental and logistic inspections by the ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. During such consultations there is a strong common goal: they and we both defend the safety of men and environment. Still most of the time is spent coming to grasps with the chemical names brought along by the inspection without any CAS or EINECS numbers attached to them. The subtance names given to the inspection by REACH appear not to be INCI-names. There are even descriptions like ‘the reaction mass of …’ followed by a systematical chemical name as our branche hardly ever utilizes in practice.


Environmental convenants

But is this then the reason to push aside the REACH legislation as inaccessible? Rather the industry seizes all of this to take more initiative and work in advance with environmental safety in mind. The legislator does not invite to enter into convenants for nothing. Companies concluding convenants go through their chemical inventory together with the inspection and make sure this complies fully with REACH, CLP and GHS. In the convenant the company promises to sustain and apply the legislation from this starting point onward. In this setting the inspection can be consulted at any time about interpretation of EU laws. Audits only take place in close coordination.


The Sirius Effect

You can also conduct the above mentioned consultation with Sirius. As part of our supply chain Sirius understands your product names and your applications. Together we take care to have your substances comply with REACH, GHS and CLP legislation.

Because an industry being stand by should not mean an industry standing by idly. Chemicals can be inert, producers, distributors and end users cannot. Let Sirius support you to classify your chemicals!

Arrange your customer files according to users application and tune your safety data sheets to the products as well as their users. That will shed a clear light on the safety in an early stage. Which is always far more predictable than to stare in the distance in the direction of Helsinki, awaiting the northern lights.

In 2014 you not only choose for a proactive attitude but also for the providers of relevant information.

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