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Team Sirius wishes very much strength to all those who fight in her or his way against the Covid-19 virus and its consequences.

Chemicals can have a double function. They can enhance desired results and prevent disadvantages at the same time. The next example originates from fish farming.

Nowadays a lot fish is raised in fish farms. In such farms, the same optimum conditions apply as to garden ponds; for healthy fish the water needs to be saturated with oxygen (approx. 8.5mg O2/liter) and contain enough fish food. For that, air is blown through the water and solid bait is administered, which partly dissolves in the water. When there is too little oxygen or too much feed, algae get the upper hand. As long as they are small, these transparent micro algae produce usefull oxygen themselves. When the algae get the chance to grow further, they proliferate. The water colors green and brown. Algae can even cover the water surface and suffocate the fish.

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2 , solution) and sodium percarbonate (SPC, solid with >13% O2 or SPC-solution) decompose in water, forming oxygen. This oxygen contributes to the saturation of the water. And when H2O2 and SPC are introduced in places where algae are known to grow easily (on stones, nets, filters), the acutely formed oxygen will oxidize the algae. Also germs and other organic dirt will be oxidized, such as the toxic ammonia, excreted by the fish themselves.

The ecosystems in fish farms, pools and ponds are of course more complex than only oxygen and food. Waterplants, waterfleas and shadow also prevent algae growth. And in day time, waterplants also produce oxygen. But, for example, with SPC tablets we can intentionally battle algae, germs and dirt in the right places, and add oxygen on the right moments (dark, very warm and very cold days). This is the bonus that the alert fishfarmer and pondkeeper can use to adjust the ecosystem. This is especially easy in tablet form. One simply counts the number of tablets necessary for the desired dosage.

In bigger water systems where fish play a role, one does not only think of fishfarms but also other industries which take their process water from rivers and ports and drain it there as well. Such systems often make use of phosphor- and nitrogen containing anti corrosion, -scale and other functional additives. Nitrogen N and phosphor P also happen to be the most important feedstuff for (micro)algae. So also where the primary process is not about fish, it is still wise to choose the right chemicals. Sirius supplies P- and N-free chemical agents for water treatment, which prevent the surface waters to fill with algae. Read also our newsletter March 2013.

The Sirius Effect
Sirius supplies H2O2 in concentrations up to 50%. Sirius also supplies granular SPC. The nicest from however is the SPC tablet. You can order pure SPC tablets (>13% oxygen), but other ingredients can be added to the tablets which cause very fast or very slow dissolution of the tablets. Or raw materials and colorants of your liking. Your logo can be punched into the tablets surface. The tablet scan be packed in bulk but also in individual blister packaging.

And when the farmed fish is eventually traded in crates towards restaurants and supermarkets, you throw a handful of SPC tablets in the empty crates, aim a spurt of water and the crates bubble and fizz clean again. Ready for re-use!

In 2013 you choose for smart and environmental application of chemicals!

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