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Silibrite SDS

Sodium di silicate

CAS No.:1344-09-8
EINECS. :215-687-4

Product information:

product Synonyms: Complex sodium disilicate, Silicic acid, di sodium salt, Na2O.nSiO2 Silibrite SDS are low density builders ideally suited for washing powders. Our Silibrite SDS di-silicates are spray dried and well applicable in dry mixes. The product absorbs liquid ingredients such as Ethoxybrite. So Silibrite SDS also functions as a carrier for other ingredients. Other applications: anti corrosive agent, water softening, pH buffering, wetting, emulsifying and stabilizer for bleaching agents such as Britebleach SPC. Also check our more active but also more corrosive metasilicates Silibrite SMS.


Packaging: 125kg bags, 150-300kg bigbags, bulk Lead time in Europa: 4 weeks


R37/38: irritating to respiratory system and skin. R41: risk of serious damage to eyes


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