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Team Sirius wishes very much strength to all those who fight in her or his way against the Covid-19 virus and its consequences.

Cocobrite / Soap Noodles

Cocobrite / Soap Noodles

CAS No.:61790-79-2 (sodium palmate); 61789-89-7 (sodium palmkernalate)
EINECS. :263-162-3 (sodium palmate; 263-097-0 (sodium palmkernalate)

Product information:


Synonyms: palm oil-palm kernel oil; C12-C14 and C16-C18 oil; Mixture of Fatty Acids (C8-C18) and C18-unsaturated

Cocobrite soap noodles are the oldest form of soap; sodium salt of fatty acids made by saponification of palm oil and palm kernel oil. We can supply different grades of color, hard-/softness, water solubility and transparency. Our Cocobrite soap noodles are made from sustainable palm (kernel) oil on basis of RSPO mass balance. Our manufacturing partners are working on towards the status of segregated sustainable soap noodles.

The applications are mainly soap bars and builders of washing powders.



25kg bags, big bags
Lead time 25kg bags:
1 week (directly from stock)
Lead time other packaging:
6 weeks

Sirius is member of the RSPO, the international Round table of Sustainable Palm Oil. This institution hands out certificates for palm oil products, such as soap noodles and ethoxylated fatty alcohols, which are harvested and produced sustainably, with protection of nature and workers.


Our manufacturer is very experienced in controlling noodle hardness. This is not as easy as just adding extra glycerol. Ask us for our different grades of noodle color, hardness / softness / cold water solubility / transparency.


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