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CAS No.:497-18-7
EINECS. :207-837-2

Product information:

product ynonyms: Carbazide, 1,3-diamino urea; Carbonic dihydrazide; CO(NHNH2)2 Carbohydrazide is an oxygen scavenger, thus preventing corrosion. Carbohydrazide is both soluble in water and in alcohol. Carbohydrazide is a double base. The applications are: - Anti corrosion in boiler and heat exchanger - Reduction agent for recovery of precious metals - Polymerisation catalyst in poly urethane coatings - Rocket and het fuels; it generates a lot of energy when it is burned - Discoloration auxiliary in photography - Intermediate for pharmaceuticals, blowing agents, dyes and stabilizers - Thin film production in LCD screens


Packaging: 25kg bags Lead time: 8 weeks


0,5 mols of Carbohydrazide per mol of oxygen is the right ratio of use. The suitable temperature range is 87.8-176.7 oC


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