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Britequest HEDP.Na

Sodium salts of 1-Hydroxy Ethylidene-1.1-DiPhosphonic acid

CAS No.:29329-71-3 (Na1, Nax); 7414-83-7 (Na2); 3794-83-0 (Na4)
EINECS. :249-559-4 (Na1,Nax); 223-267-7 (Na4)

Product information:


Tetra sodium etidronate
Phosphonic acid,[[bis[2-[bis(phosphonomethyl)amino]ethyl]amino]methyl]-, sodium salt;
C2H4O7N3P2 Na2,4,x

Britequest HEDP.xNa, .2Na and .4Na are the sodium salts of Britequest HEDP. Britequest HEDP.Na is harmless and thus easier to use than the harmful acid. In cold climates the additional advantage is that the Britequest HEDP.Na powders do not freeze, contrary to the acidic solutions Britequest HEDP. The powders are easily soluble in water and form stable complexes with Fe, Cu, Zn ions. Thus it avoids scale of these ions. The anti scaling and corrosion inhibtion are optimum up to 250oC, at low and high pH as Britequest HEDP.Nax are not easily hydrolyzed. Their Cl-stability is better than that of general phosphonates. The synergistic effect with other water treatment chemicals is proven.

The ‘x’ in Britequest HEDP.Nax indicates that the sodium number in this salt is not fixed. We can fix it at 2, or 4, or leave it variable; x.

They are used in detergents, industrial and municipality water treatment, as additives to cooling and heating water (low and medium pressure boilers) and water used in oil fields.
Britequest DTPMP.Nax have the positive side effects of stabilizing other reactive additives, such as peroxides in detergents, dye-fixing in textiles and chelating in non-cyanide electro plating.

We can also supply Britequest HEDP.Nax types as water solutions.



Packaging Britequest HEDP.Na powder:
25kg bags, bigbags
Packaging Britequest HEDP.Na solution:
25liter jerry cans, 250kg (200liter) drums, 1250kg (1000liter) IBC, 24mt ISO tank container (bulk)
Lead time Britequest HEDP.4Na up to 5mt in Europe:
1 week(directly from stock)
Lead time Britequest HEDP.4Na from 5mt:
6 weeks
Lead time Britequest HEDP.Na2 powder and all solutions:
6 weeks


R 22 = Harmful if swallowed.
R 35 = Causes severe burns.
R 36 = Irritating to eyes.


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