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Britequest DTPMP.Na

Sodium salts of Diethylene Triamine Penta(Methylene Phosphonic Acid)

CAS No.:22042-96-2 (Na2, Nax); 68155-78-2 (Na7)
EINECS. :244-751-4

Product information:


Synonyms: Phosphonic acid,[[bis[2-[bis(phosphonomethyl)amino]ethyl]amino]methyl]-, sodium salt;
C9H(28x)O15N3P5 Na2,7,x

The ‘x’ in Britequest DTPMP.Nax indicates that the sodium number in this salt is not fixed. We can fix it at 2, or 7, or leave it variable; x.
Britequest DTPMP.Nax are chelating agents and scaling inhibitors, especially avoiding bariumsulphate BaSO4 formation. They also act as anti scaling agents, meaning DTPMP.Nax break down existing scales. They are used in detergents, industrial and municipality water treatment, as additives to cooling and heating water and water used in oil fields.
Britequest DTPMP.Nax have the positive side effects of stabilizing other reactive additives, such as peroxides in detergents.



25liter jerry cans, 250kg (200liter) drums, 1250kg (1000liter) IBC, 24mt ISO tank container (bulk)
Lead time up to 5mt in Europe:
1 week(directly from stock)
Lead time from 5mt:
6 weeks

Britequest DTPMP.Nax is considered harmful; transport and storage should be done under IMO8 conditions. UN3265, packaging group III


H290 = May be corrosive to metals.
H315 = Causes skin irritation.
H318 = Causes serious eye damage.
R 38 = Irritating to skin.


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