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Britequest BHMTPMPA

CAS No.:34690-00-1
EINECS. :252-156-6

Product information:

product Synonyms: Bis(Hexa Methylene Triamine Penta (Methylene Phosphonic Acid)) BHMT;BHMTPh.PN(Nax);partiallly neutralised sodium salt of BHMTPMPA; C17H44O15N15HP5 Britequest BHMTPMPA is a highly efficient scale inhibiting chelating agent. It works especially well on carbonate and sulfate salts. Britequest BHMTPMPA is well soluble in water and resistant up to 120oC in a wide pH range. The applications are in cooling water, boiler water, oilfields.


Packaging: 25l jerry cans, 200liter drums, 1000liter IBC, 24mt bulk (ISO tank container) Lead time 1 IBC in Europa: 1 week(directly from stock) Lead time from 1 IBC world wide: 8 weeks


H290 = May be corrosive to metals. H314 Causes severe skin burns and eye damage. H319 = Causes serious eye irritation. R 22 = Harmful if swallowed. R34 Causes burns R 36 = Irritating to eyes.


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