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Britephos STPP

Sodium Tri Poly Phosphate powder and granular

CAS No.:7758-29-4
EINECS. :237-004-9

Product information:


Synonyms: Mixture of sodium di-, tri- and polyphosphates, Sodium triphosphate- Triphosphoric acid, pentasodium salt, Sodium Phosphate Tripoly, Na5O10P3

Britephos STPP softens hard water and inhibits dirt to return to the cleaned substrate. Phosphates are also feed for algae. To avoid too much algae growth in surface waters (eutrophication), in some countries phosphates are banned from household detergents and only allowed in industrial and institutional cleaners.



25kg bags, 500-1000-1100kg bigbags, 24mt in ISO tank containers (bulk)
Lead time in Europa:
8 weeks


Our granular STPP is really granular; not a compacted powder. The granules are strong; breakage rate is low. The choice for the right bulk density depends on (de-)mixing properties of Britephos STPP in your end product.


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