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Britemax BA550

Optical Brightener high extinction

CAS No.:4193-55-9
EINECS. :224-073-5

Product information:


Synonyms: Disodium 4,4’-bis[6-anilino-[4-[bis(2-hydroxyethyl)amino]-1,3,5-triazin-2-yl]amino]stilbene-2,2’-disulphonate, OBA-28, OBA-NL (solution)

Britemax BA550 is an optical brightener for use in  detergent, paper, textile, especially when dissolved in water. Optical brighteners are fluorescents which absorb light with dark colors like brown, grey. They emit light blue and yellow. This way, even smudged surfaces look brighter than they in fact are.

Britemax BA550 comes in solid and dissolved form; each with its own fluorescence (a measure of which is called extinction). It is one of the more active optical brighteners.

Compared to Britemax CBS-X (10%) and Britemax DMS-X (10%), Britemax BA550 on dry base has a higher solubility (23%) and higher extinction than the equivalent solid Britemax DMS-X.



Britemax BA550 solid: 20kg and 25kg bag in cardboard box,
250-300-350-400-500-1000-1100kg bigbag,
24mt in silotruck (bulk)
Britemax BA550 solution 250kg drum, 1000kg IBC, 24mtin silotruck (bulk)

Lead time:
Contracts from stock: 1 week
First order: 8 weeks


Britemax BA550 has an extinction co-efficient of 530 and up. This is the ratio between incoming and remitted light.



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