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Briteframe TTA


CAS No.:29385-43-1

Product information:

product Synonyms: Methylbenzotriazole, C7H7N3 Briteframe TTA is a corrosion inhibitor and scale remover, preferably for copper, silver, lead, nickel and their alloys such as bronze. Briteframe TTA forms an insoluble protective layer over the copper(alloy). The layer is removed with the rinse water. There is a synergistic effect when using Briteframe TTA in combination with Briteframe MBT.


Packaging powder: 25kg bags, 24mt ISO tank container (bulk) Packaging solution: 25liter jerrycan, 200liter drum, 1000liter IBC, 24mt ISO tank container (bulk) Lead time: 6 weeks


Briteframe TTA is easily dissolved with alcohol or alkaline solvents such as lye (carbonate solution), then added to water circulation systems. The recommended dosage is 2-10mg granules/liter. If the surface is already badly corroded, 5 to 10 times this concentration is suggested.


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