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Briteframe PASP

Sodium salt of Polyaspartic Acid

CAS No.:181828-06-8, 35608-40-6

Product information:


Synonyms: C4H6NO3(C4H5NO3)NC4H6NO4

Briteframe PASP is a readily biodegradable, phosphor-free biodegradable multivariate polymer and thus avoiding eutrophication. Briteframe PASP is a scale and corrosion inhibitor and dispersant comparable to conventional polyacrylates. It disperses calcium carbonate (100% inhibition), calcium sulphate, barium sulphate, calcium fluoride and silica scale with effects better than that of ordinary organophosphines.
The synergies with organophosphates are obvious.

Briteframe PASP can be used in high alkaline, high water hardness, chlorine, chlorite and other water treatment agents, as well as high concentration index.

The applications are: detergents, cooling and boiler water systems, reverse osmosis, oilfield water, desalination plants, nutrient absorber in agriculture.



Packaging 40% solution:
25liter jerrycans, 250kg (200liter) drums, 1250kg (1000liter) IBC, 24mt ISO tank container (bulk)
Packaging 90% powder:
25kg bags, 1000kg bigbags, ISO tank container (bulk)
Lead time:
6 weeks


Briteframe PASP is readily biodegradable under OECD301b; over 60% within 28 days (ISO-9439)


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