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Briteframe BTA


CAS No.:40623-75-4
EINECS. :220-552-8

Product information:


Synonyms: Benzotrialole,1,2-Aminoazophenylene, 1,2,3-Triazaindene, C6H5N3

Briteframe BTA is a corrosion inhibitor in air and water and scale remover in water, preferably for copper and copper alloys such as bronze. Briteframe BTA forms an insoluble protective layer over the copper(alloy). The layer is removed with the rinse water. Briteframe BTA works at low temperatures (cooling water, anti freeze, hydraulic fluids) and is compatible with many other scale inhibitors and funghi desinfectants.

The applications are diverse. Besides anti corrosion and anti scaling, Briteframe BTA is used as restraining agent in photography, analytical determination of silver, drugs precursor.

It is water soluble, is not readily biodegradable and is found in surface waters after waste water treatment.



Packaging needles:
20kg bag, 1000kg bigbag
Packaging 50% solution:
25liter jerrycan, 200liter drum, 1000liter IBC, 24mt ISO tank container (bulk)
Lead time:
6 weeks


Briteframe BTA can act as an acid as well as a base. Therefore it binds easily to a range of surfaces.
The recommended dosage is 2-4mg needles/liter.


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