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Briteframe 503B

CAS No.:2809-21-4
EINECS. :220-552-8

Product information:

product Synonyms: blend of HEDP, etidronic acid, (1-hydroyethane-1,1-diyl)bis(phosphonic acid) Briteframe 503B is a mixture of Britequest HEDP: (1-hydroyethane-1,1-diyl)bis(phosphonic acid) and other anti scalant and anti corrosion phosphonics and polymers. It functions in high temperatures and is used as scale inhibitor and corrosion inhibitor in boiler water treatment.


Packaging: 25kg jerry can,200liter drum, 1000liter IBC, 24mt bluk (ISO tank container) Lead time in Europa: 8 weeks Briteframe 503B is considered harmfull; transport and storage should be done under IMO8 conditions. UN3265, packaging group III.


R22: Harmful if swallowed. R34: Causes burns R36/38: Irritating to eyes/skin R41: Risk of serious damage to the eyes.


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