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Briteframe 2000

Modified Sodium Polyacrylate

CAS No.:2809-21-4
EINECS. :220-552-8

Product information:

product Synonyms: copolymer of acrylic-acrylate-sulfonate Briteframe 2000 is an acrylate copolymer in aqeous solution. It inhibits scales like calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, zinc, magnesium and iron salts and other inorganic salts and minerals. Briteframe 2000 buffers the pH. It is effective in a wide temperature range, so in cooling water as well as boilers. Its affiliate product Briteframe 3100 buffers even at lower pH.


Packaging: 25liter jerrycans, 250kg (200liter) drums, 1250kg (1000liter) IBC, 24mt ISO tank container (bulk) Lead time up to 5mt in Europa: 1 week(directly from stock) Lead time from 5mt: 6 weeks


In water treatment mixtures, Briteframe 2000 synergistically stabilizes corrosion inhibitors like phosphates, zinc and phosphonates. The recommended dosage in water treatment is 10-30mg/liter


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