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CAS No.:8012-95-1, 142-91-6, 31800-90-5-8
EINECS. :232-384-2, 205-571-1, polymer

Product information:


Synonyms: mixtures of vaseline, vaselinum album, stearyl alcohol, cetylstearyl alcohol, isopropyl palmitate, phosphoric acid ester or trilaureth-4 phosphate, polyglycerine ester, polyoxythylen ester, polyoxythylen, glycerin monostearate, bees wax, wool wax alcohol, medicinal white oil, paraffin oil, paraffina liquida, neutral oil or medium chain triglycerides, polyethylene, polyalphaolefine, vitamins, thermoplastic caoutchouc, purified saturated petroleum hydrocarbons, carboxyvinyl polymer, acryl acid, vinyl ester polymers, N-cocoglutamin, acid-mono-sodium salt, PVC scrub, PE scrub,

Our Britecream series are a cosmetic base for the production of:
– O/W lotions (oil in water emulsions)
– W/O creams (water in oil emulsions)
– Hydrophilic and hydrophobic gels

Emulsions with Britecream can be made in one step processes without heating.

Briteclear is readily biodegradable according to OECD.



25kg containers
Lead time up to 1000kgs in Europa:
2 weeks
Lead time from 1000kgs:
6 weeks


Biologically degradable and mineral-oil free versions of Britecream are available.

Overheating Britecream can result in a paraffinic odour.
Constant influence of UV light can slightly discolour Britecream products.
In colder storages, clouds and crystals can be formed. After stirring and short heating to max 60℃ these will disappear again. The quality of the Britecream products will not suffer from this.
Shelf life: minimum 2 years at room temperature in the original containers.

Example recipe:
Britecream 1053 18%
Britecream NP (thickener) 0.7%

Mix these first, taking care that Britecream NP is dispersed well. Then add:

Demineralised water 76.3%
Glycerol 5%

Maintain constant and slow stirring. A gel is formed. Then add:

No heating necessary.


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