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CAS No.:30364-51-3
EINECS. :250-151-3

Product information:


Synonyms: anionic surfactants blend, anti-moisture, anti-mist

Briteclear is a proprietary mixture of organic anionic surfactants which leaves surfaces highly hydrophilic; no condense, no chalk or lime precipitate is formed. Briteclear is simply added to existing cleaners, for example for bath room, kitchen, mirros, windows. The addition is only 0.5-1.5%. It is effective in acid, neutral and alkaline media. Used on car windowns, it leaves the inside mist-free and the outside ice-free.
Briteclear is readily biodegradable according to OECD.



25kg jerrycans, 200l drums, 100l IBCs
Lead time up to 200l in Europa:
2 weeks
Lead time from 200l up:
6 weeks


Briteclear avoids limescale and mist formation on cleaned surfaces and has no effect on foaming. The trick is that Briteclear drastically reduces the contact angle of water. Moisture does not stay behind as droplets, but spreads evenly over the treated surface. Also after several rinsing cycles, this surface property remains intact.


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