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Britebleach SPC


CAS No.:15630-89-4
EINECS. :239-707-6

Product information:


EPA No. :68660-8
Synonyms: sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate; sodium carbonate peroxide, Na2CO3.3H2O2

Sodium percarbonate is a compound in solid form of sodium carbonate (soda) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Just like the gaseous hydrogen peroxide which is applied in cleaning as aquous solution, in water Britebleach SPC emits active oxygen. This oxygen bleaches stains. Britebleach SPC is the most important component in stain removing powders and to a lesser extent in washing powders for whites and dish washing tablets. It is also available in form of tablets (100% SPC as well as mixtures) as convenient dosage of pure or concentrated Britebleach SPC, for example for the cleaning of plastic packaging material before re-use.



25kg bags, 500-1000-1100kg bigbags, in silotruck (bulk)
Lead time up to 10mt in Europa:
2 weeks (directly from stock)
Lead time from 10mt:
6 weeks


All Britebleach SPC particles are coated with a water-soluble layer. This makes the product stable in dry form. Only in contact with water the coating dissolves and the active oxygen comes available. Our particles are round and smooth. The coatings have the same thickness in all places. This combination of properties causes low wear when particles move against each other. It is important that particles remain undamaged and do not emit Britebleach SPC and oxygen before they are applied. Britebleach SPC is available with several coating types:

– thick coating; especially applicable when pressing of (dish washing) tablets; under pressure coatings are more prone to damage)

– standard coating

– coating with low phosphate content

– phosphate-free coating


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