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Britebleach SPC tablets


CAS No.:15630-89-4
EINECS. :239-707-6

Product information:

product EPA No. :68660-8 Synonyms: sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate; sodium carbonate peroxide, Na2CO3.3H2O2 , prills Sodium percarbonate tablets emit active oxygen upon contact with water, for example for the cleaning of plastic packaging material before re-use. Although Britebleach SPC is a hazardous chemical, in tablet form it is safely and easily administered to water. Alternatively, SPC tablets are put in the area to clean and water is added afterwards. We can add inert chemicals to the tablets to control the Britebleach SPC content in the tablets and thus the active oxygen released. Also the dissolution rate of the tablets can be made to specification (fastest solution within 185seconds / 0.45g tablet). Tablet sizes:        6 - 12mm diameter, around 5mm thickness Tablet weight:     0.45g / 0.90g / 1.45g


Packaging: 20kg bags in boxes Lead time: 4 weeks(freshly produced)


All Britebleach SPC particles inside the tablets are coated with a strong water-soluble layer. This makes the product stable in dry form withstand the pressing force. Only in contact with water the coating dissolves and the active oxygen comes available. Our tablets are round and smooth. This combination of strong coating and smooth tablets causes low breakage when tablets move against each other. It is important that particles maintain undamaged and do not emit Britebleach SPC and oxygen before they are applied. Britebleach SPC is available with several coating types: - thick coating; especially applicable when pressing of (dish washing) tablets; under pressure coatings are more prone to damage) - standard coating - coating with low phosphate content - phosphate-free coating


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