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Nonanoic acid, sulfophenyl ester, sodium salt stabilized granulate

CAS No.:91125-43-8

Product information:


Britebleach NOBS (active at 20oC) and Britebleach TAED (active at 40oC) are the activator agents for bleaching agent sodium percarbonate (Britebleach SPC). In itself, Britebleach SPC only starts to release active oxygen at temperatures above 60oC. Britebleach TAED reduces the Britebleach SPC working temperature to 40oC. Britebleach NOBS reduces this further to 20oC, allowing low energy cold wash, paper bleaching and other low energy, environmentally friendly applications. The release of active oxygen by Britebleach SPC, activated by Britebleach NOBS, ensures a clean and healthy environment in (dish)washing machines.



25kg bags, 500-1000kg bigbags, in silotruck (bulk)
Lead time:
6 weeks


Cold wash is energy- and thus environmentally friendly. Some will argue that at 20oC bacteria will survive and (dish)washing machines will build up microbiology. Our counter argument is that the active oxygen not only gets rid of stains, but all oxidizable matter, dead or alive.



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