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Britase Cellulase

CAS No.:9012-54-8
EINECS. :232-734-4

Product information:

product Britease cellulase is a liquid neutral cellulase that hydrolyses specically and effectively amorphous cellulase onto crystalline cotton fibres while retaining textile tensile strength. Garments loose appearance through wear. Incorporation of Britase Cellulase into detergents allows the recovery of theintensity of the colours and a smooth and clean surface.


Packaging: Cellulase liquid: 25kg jerry cans Lead time: 6 weeks


Britase cellulase is soluble in liquid detergent formulations at any enzyme concentration. Some components could affect enzyme stability; we advise contacting our technical service at this respect. L-150.000 is added at 0.05 (pH 7/wash) to 1.0% (pH 9 wash) basd on detergent weight and proportionally L-50.000 Classification according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008


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