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Britase Amylase

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product Synonym: 1,4-alpha-D glucan-4-glucanhydrolase EC Britease amylase enzymes randomly hydrolyse starch producing soluble dextrines and oligosaccharides. In liquid detergents, it significantly enhances removal of pasta, cocoa, potato and in general and starchy stains. In powder detergents, the encapsulated version Britase Amylase Amylase TDP is most suited.


Packaging: Amylase liquid: 25kg jerry cans, 1000kg IBC Amylase TDP 25kg innerlined kraft drums Lead time: 6 weeks


Britase Amylase types strongly bond with Calcium. Concentrations above 30-75ppm Calcium (20oHF) are recommended for long washes, specially at higher temperatures. Classification according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008


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