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We bridge the gap between manufacturers of
raw materials and customers in Europe.

Read our new article: Brilliant ideas

13 Dec 2016

Read our new article: Brilliant ideas Most of us are familiar with polymers as a fancy name for plastic, but these molecules are everywhere. Whether they are natural (starch, latex, proteins) or created in laboratories (Styrofoam, Cellophane), they are an integral part of the chemistry of life. The continual development of new polymers is one… Read more

Read our new article on Ethoxylated fatty alcohols

02 Nov 2016

Ethoxylated fatty alcohols: easy on fabric, skin, and budgets Ethoxylated fatty alcohols (EFA) are used as surfactants in liquid detergents. http://siriusint.com/ethoxylated-fatty-alcohols-easy-on-fabric-skin-and-budgets/

Read our new article on Biodegradable anionics

21 Jul 2016

Biodegradable anionics: breaking down the chemicals or the environment? Sirius specializes in providing biodegradable compounds used to make detergents, cosmetics, and hygiene products. While legislation introduced by REACH and local governments limits the use of chemicals that are toxic to the environment, we’ve realized that this is not enough.  Harmless chemicals that cannot be broken… Read more

Read our new article “The value of a middleman”

08 Apr 2016

“Cutting out the middleman” is a phrase that’s often heard when businesses attempt to cut costs.  But at Sirius, we provide more than just a transit point between producers and buyers.  We help you at every step of the way. With Sirius, you don’t just have a middleman, you have a partner. http://siriusint.com/the-value-a-middleman/