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Team Sirius wishes very much strength to all those who fight in her or his way against the Covid-19 virus and its consequences.

The Sirius Effect:

“Going with the flow” is a metaphor for accepting things as they are, adapting to circumstances as you find them.  We are all adjusting, or trying to adapt to, the new circumstances required to live with the new coronavirus.  We can’t know what the future will demand, only that flexibility, and the ability to handle new challenges, will be asked of us… a bit like one of the most versatile products we carry, microcrystalline cellulose.  

Microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) has a number of industrial uses. Because it can be compressed, it can be used as an excipient – a filler – in vitamin, food, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Because it can dissolve evenly, it is good for tablets, including those used in dishwashers and for laundry.  Because it is hydrophilic, it can be used as an anti-caking agent, allowing granular substances (like powdered laundry detergent) to flow freely.  Depending on the size of the particles, it can be suspended in solutions and used as a thickening agent in detergents and shampoos and the like.  In foods, it can be used to lower fat content, allowing the maker to use less fat without sacrificing “mouthfeel”.

All this is possible because MCC is chemically inert. Being “full of hot air” is not usually considered a compliment: it means that most of what you say is nonsense.  But in some cases, such as with vitamins and medications, fillers  are necessary to make pills large enough to be handled. Because MCC is non-reactive to most chemicals, it can be safely incorporated into pills and tablets without affecting the properties of the active compounds. Additionally, the cellulose matrix draws in water at a steady rate, expanding the matrix (this also makes it a great thickening agent) and dissolving the tablet – literally blowing it up.  The size of the crystals controls the rate at which this happens.

But even though it is incredibly versatile, as a cellulose-based compound, MCC is still vegetal based and readily biodegradable. Together with Sirius’s innovative plant-based anionic and nonionic surfactants, it is possible to make eco-friendly cleaners without sacrificing convenience and performance.

The Cellubrite MCC sold by Sirius comes in both a fine and a coarse version; within each version there are different particle sizes available, so we can help you make the best purchase for your application. Sirius’s primary business is providing ingredients for cleaning and water treatment, but if you have a food application for Cellubrite MCC, please let us know.

It seems that priorities have shifted away from caring about the planet.  But let’s be clear: caring about the planet and doing what we can to manage our resources is just as important for preventing the next pandemic as building infrastructure and knowledge bases. Keeping wild viruses in the wild, as we’re seeing now, is crucial to our health, especially in a globalized world.  We cannot escape the importance of cleanliness and hygiene, but we can minimize the impact cleaners have on our the planet by using versatile vegetal biodegradable compounds like Cellubrite MCC in the formulations. Shift your focus on the short and the long term and ask us about Cellubrite MCC.


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