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Ethoxybrite SLES biobased

Sodium lauryl ether sulphate

CAS No.:68891-38-3
EINECS. :500-234-8; polymer

Product information:


Synonyms: fatty alcohol ethoxylate sulphonated; poly oxy ethylene alkyl alcohol sulphonated; poly ethylene alkyl ether, RO(OCH2CH2)nSO3Na with R=C12-C14 and n=1-2-3, in which R is the fatty alcohol chain and n is the average number of moles ethylene oxide per molecule.

Ethoxylated fatty alcohols are mild, non-ionic surfactants. When sulphonated, the result is the most used anionic surfactant in liquid detergents. Historically, the ethoxylation is performed with ethylene oxide of petrochemical source. And the sulphonation is done with sulphuric acid from petrochemical source as well (from SO2).

Sirius International and its partners managed to perform above mentioned steps by exclusively adding ethylene oxide from a vegetal source and sulphur exclusively from a natural source as well. As such, Ethoxybrite SLES biobased is the ideal raw material for any green, 100% sustainable, ecologicallly certified hand soap or other liquid detergent.



200liter drums, 1000liter IBC’s, 24mt ISO tank container (bulk)
Lead time:
8 weeks

Sirius is member of the RSPO, the international Round table of Sustainable Palm Oil. This institution certifies palm oil products, such as soap noodles and ethoxylated fatty alcohols, which are planted, harvested and produced sustainably, with protection of nature and workers.


Risk of serious damage to eyes. Risk of skin irritation

Toxic to aquatic organisms.

So notwithstanding their sustainable nature and their biodegradability, Ethoxybrites in concentrated form do harm eyes and aquatic life.

Ethoxybrites are liquid raw materials and ideal for use in liquid detergents.

Ethoxybrites are liquid raw materials and ideal for use in liquid detergents.

Ethoxybrites should be added to water while stirring. When water is addd to Ethoxybrite, the viscosity of the solution can temporarily increase.



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