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We bridge the gap between manufacturers of
raw materials and customers in Europe.

Security of Supply; SOS!

01 Aug 2019

Every business has its own goals, which help it grow. But what makes a company successful is establishing financial stability. One of the ways to do this is to minimize the expenses. That’s why, when it comes to making a decision about certain purchases, keeping the price low often is a top priority. There is… Read more

Customer intimacy

01 May 2019

With years of experience and success in the chemical industry, Sirius International is a proven trustworthy partner. We bring manufacturers and customers of chemical raw materials from all over the world closer together. But what’s our secret? We decided to open up and share some details from our process. We’ve implemented the Value Disciplines Model… Read more

Scaling Up Packaging

01 Oct 2017

Making your own soap in the kitchen can be fun and educational, but mixing together products to make industrial-sized batches of cleaners and/or detergents presents additional challenges. Certain reactions can become dangerous on a large scale if they cannot exchange heat with the environment. By-products that are inconsequential in small quantities can become problematic at… Read more

International Ocean Freight

05 Sep 2017

The saying goes, “There are two sides to every coin,” and this is true for international ocean freight shipping as well. In this case, the two sides are the shippers, who order supplies to and from various ports, and the container lines, which carry them. Shippers want to get a low rate, container lines want… Read more