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We bridge the gap between manufacturers of
raw materials and customers in Europe.

RSPO, REACH, Responsible Care

04 Jul 2019

One of the top priorities of Sirius International’s team is to develop innovative products, manufacturing ways and supply solutions to improve the environment and thereby our safety, climate and future. The many possibilities this brings about come hand in hand with even more responsibilities. We need to stay up to date with the newest guidelines,… Read more

The Innovation Process of Sirius

23 Jan 2019

Do you know how gunpowder was created? The Chinese emperor Wu Di (156-87 B.C.) wanted to have eternal life. He invested a significant number of resources, and his alchemists did a lot of unsuccessful experiments mixing and heating Sulphur and Saltpeter. Way later, during the 8th century, the idea was developed, and charcoal was added… Read more

REACH: directive for chemical substances in Europe

01 Jan 2014

In the high North, to be precise in Helsinki, the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) takes decisions about REACH that affect everybody in Europe. To stay tuned, it is advised to get absorbed in the status once in a while. At its founding in 2007, REACH, Helsinki already established all the rules and the timeline along… Read more

Reaching the top or cursing the next obstacle?

01 May 2013

REACH is well under way. But as with all vehicles without comparable predecessors, also REACH meets some start up problems. Which is not surprising when you realize how many parties are dealing with REACH and that all those different stakeholders are assigned to work it out together. And REACH is not a closed system; it… Read more


01 Jun 2012

The EU has already advanced a long way to only allow REACH registered chemicals in the EU.After May 30 next year it is assumed that all manufacturers/importers who have NOT switched their chemicals from pre-registration to full registration, are not interested to ever sell another 100mt per year in the EU. This is valid for… Read more