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Cradle to cradle synergies

05 Mar 2019

What’s the most significant feature of a chemical product? Some people would say that how a commodity performs is the only thing that matters. But we, at Sirius International, are looking towards our planet’s future and we want it to be sustainable. Being aware of the environmental impact of chemical products is a crucial step… Read more

Water treatment dispersants

12 Jul 2018

Clean water isn’t necessarily the same as pure water. Even clean water contains ions and minerals that, under the right conditions, can cause corrosion and can precipitate out of solution, leading to scale buildup. In detergents, hard water ions inactivate the anionic surfactants, rendering them useless at solubilizing dirt.  The accumulation of salts into scale… Read more

Synergistic Water Treatment

05 Feb 2018

Water treatment is a balancing act of chemistry and temperature. Maintaining the pH and keeping all of the dissolved minerals in solution at temperatures where they would ordinarily precipitate out is no easy feat. Scale buildup can be costly, and not just because it makes heat exchange less efficient. It can interfere with the laminar… Read more


01 Dec 2017

Skin is the largest organ in the body. It forms a critical barrier between the contents of our bodies and the outside world. But damage to the skin, whether due to physical trauma or innate sensitivity, can render the barrier ineffective. Eczema is a relatively common skin complaint; in its mild form it is little… Read more


01 Nov 2017

When it comes to cleaning agents, performance is critical. Cleaning agents are a careful mix of detergents, builders, enzymes, dispersants, and other chemicals designed for the sole purpose of getting rid of dirt. But scent – a quality that has no tangible bearing on performance – is arguably even more important for consumers than cleaning… Read more