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The Innovation Process of Sirius

23 Jan 2019

Do you know how gunpowder was created? The Chinese emperor Wu Di (156-87 B.C.) wanted to have eternal life. He invested a significant number of resources, and his alchemists did a lot of unsuccessful experiments mixing and heating Sulphur and Saltpeter. Way later, during the 8th century, the idea was developed, and charcoal was added… Read more

Does “green” clean?

03 Dec 2018

Eco, bio, organic – all those trendy green labels were overused in the past couple of years in order to boost the sales of a certain cleaning product and silence the environmentally friendly population. But what does green actually mean? This term is supposed to be used for cleansers which have no harmful effect on… Read more

Efficient container shipping

02 Nov 2018

What would our life look like without container ships? People rarely think about how their food, furniture or detergents have reached their homes. Thanks to the constant improvements in the field of transportation, moving goods from and to all over the world takes only a couple of weeks and can be surprisingly cheap. Benefits of… Read more

Citric acid production

10 Oct 2018

Citric Acid Wars: The Last Anti-Dumping Claim What is the common between an ice-cream and a bath bomb? A world-famous ingredient that was first isolated in 1784 by the chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele and has been used in beverages, food, detergents and other applications such as cosmetics and pharmaceutics ever since. The Ultimate Ingredient Citric… Read more

Environmentally friendly biocides

10 Sep 2018

It has been said that the apocalypse will come in the form of nuclear war, runaway climate change, a genetically-modified pandemic, or a meteor slamming into the earth. While these make great summer blockbusters, there is, in fact, a very real threat looming on the horizon: the specter of antibiotic resistance, brought on, in part,… Read more