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Team Sirius wishes very much strength to all those who fight in her or his way against the Covid-19 virus and its consequences.

Innovative Chelates

04 Sep 2020

The Sirius Effect:  This article will explain chelates and the road to more environmentally friendly versions. As chelates are pretty active, if not aggressive, materials, engineering a green chelate without giving in on their characteristics poses a challenge. At the moment Sirius is working with a manufacturer to bring an effective, biodegradable chelate manufactured without… Read more

Artifical Intelligence

06 Aug 2020

The Sirius Effect: Artificial Intelligence may seem to be the stuff of science fiction, but the applications touch many parts of the chemical industry. Sirius considers approaching holidays in our manufacturers’ countries before they do. We collect data on historical supply and demand to learn and become better at predicting our customers order patterns. Sometimes… Read more

Value Chain

01 Jul 2020

The Sirius Effect: Supply lines were critically tested these past few months.  Thanks to our good relationships with both our manufacturers and our customers, we were able to keep ours open.  Building a robust supply chain is about more than just making sure people meet deadlines, though… One of the business lessons to be drawn… Read more

100% Bio PEG

04 Jun 2020

The Sirius Effect: Why?  The most fundamental question can direct us to paths that we wouldn’t have considered otherwise. Rethinking the way we’ve always done things can lead us down greener paths, and to avenues we’ve never thought were possible. In life, there are certain inevitabilities, death and taxes being two of the most famous… Read more

Micro Crystalline Cellulose

05 May 2020

The Sirius Effect: “Going with the flow” is a metaphor for accepting things as they are, adapting to circumstances as you find them.  We are all adjusting, or trying to adapt to, the new circumstances required to live with the new coronavirus.  We can’t know what the future will demand, only that flexibility, and the… Read more

Pimping Powders

03 Apr 2020

The Sirius Effect: This past month we have seen—tragically—how something as insignificant as a minor cough can become an international health crisis. But we have also seen people coming together and helping each other in ways that are as surprising as they are beautiful.  And this is why we will continue to do what we… Read more

Sustainable Palm Oil

06 Mar 2020

The Sirius Effect: Palm kernel oil forms a major component of modern surfactants.  Unfortunately, the sustainability of the source of these oils is problematic-but the solution could be closer than we think, if we’re willing to get a little…dirty. Palm oil and palm kernel oil are everywhere.  They find their way into a vast array… Read more

Climate Change

03 Feb 2020

The Sirius effect: Sirius is always looking for a cleaner, greener way to do things.  The result is always something that makes a difference to the planet, even if there is no difference for the consumer. Climate change it’s the biggest crisis that we’re facing as a planet. The year 2019 was the second hottest… Read more

Your Partners

03 Jan 2020

from left to right: Annelies, Marco, Martina, Jonien, Charlotte, Leo The Sirius Effect What makes Sirius different? There are many companies acting as middlemen for sustainable cleaning chemicals. Like Sirius, some of them might even offer REACH registration services and supply chain management as well. But Sirius is different, not for its size or the… Read more

Phantastic Phosphates

01 Dec 2019

The Sirius Effect: Phosphate molecules are often found in combination with other elements, such as calcium, sodium, potassium, aluminum and nitrogen. The chemical derivates of phosphoric acid have a wide range of use – from wastewater treatment to detergency, fertilizers, food, and soft drinks. Sirius International offers various types of Britequest phosphonics and Britephos phosphates… Read more

Granular anionic surfactants

06 Nov 2019

The Sirius Effect: Sirius International offers microgranular formulations of solid anionic surfactants – the essential ingredient of any efficient powder detergent. As the microgranules have an irregular shape, they don’t cling to each other. Moreover, these particles are much larger than dust, so they get less airborne. Our microgranulates form free-flowing powders which are much… Read more

Biocidal Hygiene

09 Oct 2019

The Sirius Effect: Sirius International can provide you with raw materials approved by the biocides legislation, which will give you the freedom to say that your product is hygienic. For instance, Britebleach TAED (tetra acetyl ethylene diamine) and SPC (sodium peroxy carbonate). As the advertising industry becomes more and more creative in convincing people to… Read more

Chinese availability

10 Sep 2019

The Sirius Effect: Understanding the complex impacts of the global environment and politics requires a distributor that is anchored in and familiar with its suppliers as well as its customers’ markets. As Sirius International is auditing yearly every supplier and is being in weekly contact with all of them, we’re on top of the newest… Read more

Security of Supply; SOS!

01 Aug 2019

Every business has its own goals, which help it grow. But what makes a company successful is establishing financial stability. One of the ways to do this is to minimize the expenses. That’s why, when it comes to making a decision about certain purchases, keeping the price low often is a top priority. There is… Read more

RSPO, REACH, Responsible Care

04 Jul 2019

One of the top priorities of Sirius International’s team is to develop innovative products, manufacturing ways and supply solutions to improve the environment and thereby our safety, climate and future. The many possibilities this brings about come hand in hand with even more responsibilities. We need to stay up to date with the newest guidelines,… Read more

Young talent

01 Jun 2019

We believe that the next generation has the potential to achieve fabulous things. Something more: the young boys and girls are our future, and they’ll bear a great responsibility soon enough. But we also believe that even the most exceptional talent needs the right environment and support in order to achieve something meaningful. All the… Read more

Customer intimacy

01 May 2019

With years of experience and success in the chemical industry, Sirius International is a proven trustworthy partner. We bring manufacturers and customers of chemical raw materials from all over the world closer together. But what’s our secret? We decided to open up and share some details from our process. We’ve implemented the Value Disciplines Model… Read more

Powders versus liquids

01 Apr 2019

Consumer behaviour is controlled by the invisible power of the not-so-invisible mass media channels and advertising campaigns. This is not necessarily a bad thing – society’s constantly striving to improve. Therefore, there’s a never-ending flow of innovations that are trying to attract people’s attention and money. Many factors can influence the success of a certain… Read more

Cradle to cradle synergies

05 Mar 2019

What’s the most significant feature of a chemical product? Some people would say that how a commodity performs is the only thing that matters. But we, at Sirius International, are looking towards our planet’s future and we want it to be sustainable. Being aware of the environmental impact of chemical products is a crucial step… Read more

100% bio-based surfactants

08 Feb 2019

The world we’re living in is rapidly changing which puts us, its inhabitants, at a challenging position. We have a significant impact on the future of this planet and yet, we sometimes neglect its needs. Sirius International takes seriously the duties we have due to the characteristics of our industry. To make sure the next… Read more

The Innovation Process of Sirius

23 Jan 2019

Do you know how gunpowder was created? The Chinese emperor Wu Di (156-87 B.C.) wanted to have eternal life. He invested a significant number of resources, and his alchemists did a lot of unsuccessful experiments mixing and heating Sulphur and Saltpeter. Way later, during the 8th century, the idea was developed, and charcoal was added… Read more

Does “green” clean?

03 Dec 2018

Eco, bio, organic – all those trendy green labels were overused in the past couple of years in order to boost the sales of a certain cleaning product and silence the environmentally friendly population. But what does green actually mean? This term is supposed to be used for cleansers which have no harmful effect on… Read more

Efficient container shipping

02 Nov 2018

What would our life look like without container ships? People rarely think about how their food, furniture or detergents have reached their homes. Thanks to the constant improvements in the field of transportation, moving goods from and to all over the world takes only a couple of weeks and can be surprisingly cheap. Benefits of… Read more

Citric acid production

10 Oct 2018

Citric Acid Wars: The Last Anti-Dumping Claim What is the common between an ice-cream and a bath bomb? A world-famous ingredient that was first isolated in 1784 by the chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele and has been used in beverages, food, detergents and other applications such as cosmetics and pharmaceutics ever since. The Ultimate Ingredient Citric… Read more

Environmentally friendly biocides

10 Sep 2018

It has been said that the apocalypse will come in the form of nuclear war, runaway climate change, a genetically-modified pandemic, or a meteor slamming into the earth. While these make great summer blockbusters, there is, in fact, a very real threat looming on the horizon: the specter of antibiotic resistance, brought on, in part,… Read more

Fighting invisible biofilms

16 Aug 2018

What does a sparkling room with gleaming floors and nearly-invisible windows have in common with the inside of your mouth? The presence of biofilm: invisible aggregates of bacteria, encapsulated in an extracellular matrix that can be extremely difficult to penetrate, growing on almost every surface. Depending on the species of bacteria, this extracellular matrix can… Read more

Water treatment dispersants

12 Jul 2018

Clean water isn’t necessarily the same as pure water. Even clean water contains ions and minerals that, under the right conditions, can cause corrosion and can precipitate out of solution, leading to scale buildup. In detergents, hard water ions inactivate the anionic surfactants, rendering them useless at solubilizing dirt.  The accumulation of salts into scale… Read more

Influencing consumer behavior

04 Jun 2018

All the green cleaners and detergents in the world won’t help if people refuse to buy them. Persuading your average consumer to buy green products requires a nuanced understanding of psychology and an appreciation for the persistence of cultural memory, or the persistent myth that green products simply don’t work as well. This myth is… Read more

Dirt is good

03 May 2018

The hygiene hypothesis first became mainstream about fifteen years ago, when the rise in eczema, asthma, and allergies became noticeable to the public.  The hygiene hypothesis, as the public grew to understand it,, was that we were “too clean”: that we were weakening the immune systems through our fear of germs and needing to sterilize… Read more

Freeflowing, non-irritating granules

06 Apr 2018

Sometimes, there are problems that you never realized were a problem until a solution comes along: the I-Phone, for example, and the rise of touch-screens. Or a way of making bacon slightly healthier. They don’t necessarily have to be big problems – but the right problem, solved in a clever way, can make all the… Read more

100% Vegetable surfactants

14 Mar 2018

The more we know, the harder it can seem to do the right thing: “Don’t Litter” campaigns abound the world over, but just because the trash finds its way into the proper receptacle doesn’t mean it’s no longer harmful. As we are now beginning to appreciate, plastic trash often ends up in the oceans, where… Read more

Synergistic Water Treatment

05 Feb 2018

Water treatment is a balancing act of chemistry and temperature. Maintaining the pH and keeping all of the dissolved minerals in solution at temperatures where they would ordinarily precipitate out is no easy feat. Scale buildup can be costly, and not just because it makes heat exchange less efficient. It can interfere with the laminar… Read more

Most effective bleaching

02 Jan 2018

In laundry detergents, low-temperature bleaching is made possible thanks to activating agents that convert the peroxy acid precursor into the active peroxy acid. Cold-water bleaching is energy-efficient, saving people and companies money, and helps to reduce one’s carbon footprint by lowering the amount of energy required to heat water. NOBS is active at lower temperatures… Read more


01 Dec 2017

Skin is the largest organ in the body. It forms a critical barrier between the contents of our bodies and the outside world. But damage to the skin, whether due to physical trauma or innate sensitivity, can render the barrier ineffective. Eczema is a relatively common skin complaint; in its mild form it is little… Read more


01 Nov 2017

When it comes to cleaning agents, performance is critical. Cleaning agents are a careful mix of detergents, builders, enzymes, dispersants, and other chemicals designed for the sole purpose of getting rid of dirt. But scent – a quality that has no tangible bearing on performance – is arguably even more important for consumers than cleaning… Read more

Scaling Up Packaging

01 Oct 2017

Making your own soap in the kitchen can be fun and educational, but mixing together products to make industrial-sized batches of cleaners and/or detergents presents additional challenges. Certain reactions can become dangerous on a large scale if they cannot exchange heat with the environment. By-products that are inconsequential in small quantities can become problematic at… Read more

International Ocean Freight

05 Sep 2017

The saying goes, “There are two sides to every coin,” and this is true for international ocean freight shipping as well. In this case, the two sides are the shippers, who order supplies to and from various ports, and the container lines, which carry them. Shippers want to get a low rate, container lines want… Read more

Microbead Free Waters

07 Aug 2017

The Great Pacific Garbage patch is often imagined as a plastic soup of empty bottles, bags, lost toys, singular flip-flops, and other plastic flotsam floating about in the ocean. While this image has been useful for combatting littering and promoting recycling, at least half of the plastic waste comes from nets, ropes, and other fishery… Read more

Sustainable Water Treatment

02 Jul 2017

Two of the biggest buzzwords today are “sustainable” and “biodegradable”. Both are associated with environmental-friendliness, though with a more thorough parsing this is not necessarily the case. Something can be sustainable, in the sense that it can be renewed, but still bad for the environment. Something can be biodegradable, but the individual components can still… Read more

Translucent Soap Noodles

10 Jun 2017

Summer is the season for being outside. The sun and the fresh air are wonderful, but for kids, it also means getting dirty, playing in sandboxes, and melting popsicles that leave a sticky film everywhere. Anybody who has a young child knows that a) they get their hands into everything, and b) getting a kid… Read more

European Biocides Legislation

02 May 2017

Anybody with a passing understanding of Greek and Latin should be horrified that there are substances such as biocides. Biocides, after all, means “things that kill life” – things that could kill “us”.  Fortunately, as a functional term, biocides more frequently refer to antimicrobial agents, though they also include things like insecticides, repellants, and poisons… Read more

Carboxy Methyl Cellulose

10 Apr 2017

Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) is everywhere. This versatile product has applications in various industries, from mining to paper manufacturing to food. Its primary characteristic is its capacity for binding water, and by extension, everything dissolved in the water.  As its name implies, it is comprised of cellulose, except that carboxymethyl groups have been substituted in place of… Read more

Liquid Optical Brighteners

17 Mar 2017

Artists have long known that colors are not what they seem. Light and dark is not simply a matter of adding black or white to a color, but also a matter of adding contrasting color. For example, when painting an orange,  yellow can make a area look lighter, while a touch of blue can give… Read more


21 Feb 2017

When it comes to the environment, most people think big: wind farms, acres of solar panels, shrinking CO2 emissions by the ton.  But one of the biggest changes in the way the world works today is small – on the molecular scale.  Enzymes are essential for life –they break up hydrogen peroxide (an important germicide… Read more

Cold Wash Activation

13 Jan 2017

There are numerous advantages to using cold water for cleaning: it saves energy (and therefore money), offers commercial benefits when it comes to being perceived as “green”, prevents wear-and-tear on the fabrics, and it gets rid of dirt just as well as hot water.  However, there is one aspect in which hot water is supposedly… Read more

Brilliant ideas

13 Dec 2016

Most of us are familiar with polymers as a fancy name for plastic, but these molecules are everywhere. Whether they are natural (starch, latex, proteins) or created in laboratories (Styrofoam, Cellophane), they are an integral part of the chemistry of life. The continual development of new polymers is one of the ways that chemistry continues… Read more

Ethoxylated fatty alcohols: easy on fabric, skin, and budgets

27 Oct 2016

Ethoxylated fatty alcohols (EFA) are used as surfactants in liquid detergents. As their name suggests, they are comprised of a hydrophobic carbon chain that is attracted to dirt, and a hydrophilic ethoxyl group that pulls everything into the water and out of the laundry. Because they are electrically neutral, EFAs are exceptionally gentle cleaners. The… Read more

Biodegradable anionics: breaking down the chemicals or the environment?

21 Jul 2016

Sirius specializes in providing biodegradable compounds used to make detergents, cosmetics, and hygiene products. While legislation introduced by REACH and local governments limits the use of chemicals that are toxic to the environment, we’ve realized that this is not enough.  Harmless chemicals that cannot be broken down can also adversely affect the environment; for instance,… Read more

The value of a middleman

08 Apr 2016

The value of a middleman “Cutting out the middleman” is a phrase that’s often heard when businesses attempt to cut costs. And sometimes you do save some money by eschewing a go-between.  But at Sirius, we provide more than just a transit point between producers and buyers.  We help you at every step of the… Read more

Cold Wash: the Future is Now

22 Dec 2015

The climate change talks in Paris wrapped up last Saturday with a triumphant declaration that the world was (finally) ready to tackle the problem of global warming. Businesses can have a much greater impact on the environment than individuals, and they could be expected to the lead the way in making the changes that need… Read more