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raw materials and customers in Europe.

Phantastic Phosphates

01 Dec 2019

The Sirius Effect Phosphate molecules are often found in combination with other elements, such as calcium, sodium, potassium, aluminum and nitrogen. The chemical derivates of phosphoric acid have a wide range of use – from wastewater treatment to detergency, fertilizers, food, and soft drinks. Sirius International offers various types of Britequest phosphonics and Britephos phosphates… Read more

Granular anionic surfactants

06 Nov 2019

The Sirius Effect Sirius International offers microgranular formulations of solid anionic surfactants – the essential ingredient of any efficient powder detergent. As the microgranules have an irregular shape, they don’t cling to each other. Moreover, these particles are much larger than dust, so they get less airborne. Our microgranulates form free-flowing powders which are much… Read more

Biocidal Hygiene

09 Oct 2019

The Sirius Effect Sirius International can provide you with raw materials approved by the biocides legislation, which will give you the freedom to say that your product is hygienic. For instance, Britebleach TAED (tetra acetyl ethylene diamine) and SPC (sodium peroxy carbonate). As the advertising industry becomes more and more creative in convincing people to… Read more

Chinese availability

10 Sep 2019

The Sirius effect Understanding the complex impacts of the global environment and politics requires a distributor that is anchored in and familiar with its suppliers as well as its customers’ markets. As Sirius International is auditing yearly every supplier and is being in weekly contact with all of them, we’re on top of the newest… Read more

Security of Supply; SOS!

01 Aug 2019

Every business has its own goals, which help it grow. But what makes a company successful is establishing financial stability. One of the ways to do this is to minimize the expenses. That’s why, when it comes to making a decision about certain purchases, keeping the price low often is a top priority. There is… Read more